I Love Our Matatus But, Can We Tolerate More? Part 2

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It was the ultimate, A disaster on wheels waiting to happen as a record 130 children were counted disembarking a minibus destined for a city tour, the nightmare of every parent with kids in the school bus.

There was anger and shock across the country Last week and a number of people have written to me asking for my views on the incidents, after the video of school children were caught stacked together in the public transport, to date as still imagining how they were seated inside.

And it wasn’t just any bus, but FH Mitsubishi, known for their speeding and swerving trends on the modern Kenya superhighways.  The simple looking matatu, complete with it innocence of the look of things has let me asking if the authority are aware of the dangers that waiting to happens here and if for any reason does the operators of such have any regard to human lives.

The 41  seater capacity bus was busted a few weeks back ferrying pupils and teachers of St John Baraka academy, Machakos. The bus was ferrying 133 pupils and 7 teachers from South Eastern Agricultural Show held at the Machakos show ground.

Unconfirmed rumor suggested that the teachers had earlier told NTSA officials that the bus was carrying 60 pupils, as some were sharing seats. However, the officials  established that the actual number of passengers was 140 after conducting a head count.

According to reports parents had paid Sh1000 per student for the tour. The school management had promised to procure three buses for the trip

I have nothing match to add on these but I believe the Kenyans have aired their views enough and the government should take up it role and do the necessary.

A number of people gave their views on youtube

Samuel Njane1 week ago

those teachers are stupid, how can they lisk our children life. By the way kenya hakuishi maajabu

Leonard Maina6 days ago


Ruth Wanjiru1 week ago


Evelyn Achie1 week ago

why the hell is tht woman at the door pushing the kids out? can she be a little gentler plz!

Absaby Classic1 week ago

i thought i was the only one disturbed by her act.. she looks dumb.

Maina Kiungua5 days ago

Those teachers are complete fools. They know the law and still break it I just hope good jail time and a fine to the school will do the trick.

pattizoh billionaire4 days ago

its disgusting behaviour patrol should tight to stop that

Kennedy Ngugi1 week ago

Are you sure that wasn’t a train?? Like seriously 133 kids and their lives put at stake by foolish greedy touts and school teacher.. I wonder how long the journey was?

Antony Mwangi1 week ago

133 lives packed in a matatu, totally unacceptable

Samuel mwangi1 week ago

that crazy. n madness


this is Kenya where everybody wants to get rich it doesn’t matter in which way even if risking somebody’s life ama at slide Bora spare pesa

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  1. Alberto Braxton

    August 18, 2016 at 2:04 am

    Often decorated with popular icons and sounds, matatu not only offer a means of travel, but a means of navigable access to what is new and current in the world.

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