World Teachers Day, Thank You so Much to all The Teachers

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Education is very necessary for each and everyone in order to improve knowledge, way of living as well as social and economic status throughout the life. Getting proper education is the birth rights of every human being and restricting it is a crime. Education is the ultimate way to get victory over all the personal and social problems. Behind all that are the teachers who came in handy to instill displine and love for seeking education and knowledge. Teachers lay the foundation of knowledge and education in every person’s life. They not only educate us, but also teach us the lesson of life.

Teachers are the real holder of knowledge, enlightenment and prosperity using which they nourish and prepare us for our life. They serve as source of lighting lamp in our lives. It is our teachers who stand behind our success. Out teachers too have lots of daily routine problems just like us and our parents but they always keep their teaching profession at top and attend schools or colleges to complete their job responsibilities. Yet most of us don’t even remember them when taking home the pay check. Just to say thanks for their priceless job. So, we as society have some responsibility towards our teachers at least we can say them thanks once a year.

Our teachers shape us to be academically wonderful and morally good by enhancing our knowledge, skill and confidence level. They always promote us to do every impossible thing possible to do better in the life. Teacher’s day is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm by the students. They say give them lots of greeting orally or through greeting cards.

Thank you so much to all the teachers present here in this world. We as students have been able to uplift ourselves just because of your love, care, guidance and support. Each of our teachers has been the motivation spirit for us in all respects. Being a teacher is a big time job. It is not limited to only that few hours of teaching in the classroom; it is much more beyond those hours. From preparing the teaching contents, course outlines and work books to preparing the exam papers; and then to conduct special mentoring sessions for their students. Everything that a teacher does is commendable with due respect to the efforts they put in.

Being a grown up, now I have realized that teachers play a very crucial role in the child’s life. Many major lessons of life beyond the defined syllabus lessons and scripted books are taught by our teachers only. They help us in building our friendship skills, our communication skills, our writing skills, our overall gesture and presentation skills, etc. Thanks to all the teachers for making us learn the tactics of overall existence. Most importantly the morale upbringing of the child, presence of teacher in the life is very important. Teachers help in building the child effectively and efficiently

We as society we owe a huge amount of love, care, affection and respect towards each and every teacher that has ever been present in our life. I am obliged to have witnessed the presence of such great entities in my life. Since my kids care school till this last session of class 12th grade, I feel so content and complete when I look back on what I have learnt. This learning is much more than the scripted books.

The courage and confidence that’s built in me today is because of the wonderful teachers that have been a part of my journey. Thank you teachers acknowledging your efforts and dedication towards the upbringing of a child are completely incredible. My teachers have guided me like my parents and supported me like my friends. Because of which, they today hold such a special place in my heart. Thank you, teachers for making me a true citizen who exhibits a true character. This has been possible because of the learning given by you. I respect you all for all the deeds that you have done. Trust me existence of educational institutions without you people is just a hollow building, and I am sure the school management agrees with my thought. A teacher is by all means the most essential element in the schools. Thank you so much to each of the teacher.

Thank you everybody for being a part of this session. Please always stay connected to your teachers as they surely have something excellent to make you learn. Thank you!

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