Weekend getaways

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Come to think of it,, the week is over the children are off till Monday and all you need is someone to take care of them till Sunday afternoon.

Naivasha would be an ideal location and a quiet place to hide your head for the weekend out of the hooting noises of matatus,  city hoppas and the loud watering joints in the estates in Nairobi. Its aprox 2hrs drive from Nairobi and a cab will not cost you a fortunes as well. During your drive down the escapements you get spectacular views of the great rift valley.. i headed there one day  i dare you the sunset over the ridge is one site to die for..

In this cool town at the basements of the great rift lake Naivasha will keep you relaxed, morning sounds of the birds singing will make sure that you catch an early game drive, the zebras, buffaloes, donkey, impalas, gazelles and other wild animals will freshen your mind as you relax and breath the fresh air blowing.

An afternoon swimming session in the hotel will keep you busy else the spas there have special stone that will give you a once in a life time experience.

stone spa

The late evening are mostly mark by the bonfires and you will retire late to bed.

The Sunday drive back to Nairobi will be a slow one not occasioned by traffic but endless stopovers as your get yourself fresh supplies week ahead.

Hope your next weekend will never be boring again.

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