Uhuru Park, An Amazing Spectacle in Nairobi, Kenya.

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It is such an amazing place just to seat and have a chat with your friend under the shade of the great trees. The grass has already been worked; hence it’s soft and tender. The main city is just a walking distance from all directions, from where you are, face one direction and you spot place to get your refreshments, cafes or supermarkets grab your snack and a drink your good to go. Children activities are in plenty, some are free and others at a fee.

The Uhuru Park is the most popular recreational park in Nairobi, having earned such as beautiful name which means freedom, it is a rich tapestry of strife and celebration in Kenya. “A park of many faces” I call it. The sight of soldiers resplendent in colorful uniforms and marching to music beautifully performed by a military band, is as common as the violent disruption of political protests in this Park. To the ordinary Kenyan it’s a free entry park for every person to feel the breeze of the winds as he watches the thriving city from a high point.

nairobiaForm from the old days it has been characterized by many, the scene of protests lead by Nobel Laureate Wangari Maathai against a planned construction on the Park of a 62-story headquarters for former President Moi’s ruling political party KANU in 1989. It is home to the freedom corner where Wangari Maathai in 1991 led a group of women in demanding the release of their sons detained by the former President Moi’s regime for political reasons. It is in this park that the country celebrated her life and times by planting a tree in her commemoration.  This is also where Archbishop Maurice Otunga led a group of Catholics in burning a heap of condoms in 1996. But mostly, it is the main assembly point for celebrating national holidays, for political rallies during election periods, and for prayer meetings by various religious organizations.

Boat riding on the artificial lake in the Park is another popular pastime. Several foot bridges adorn the Park, as they provide eye-catching links to an artificial island in the Lake. For picnic lovers and young “love birds” with less to spend on the luxurious resorts in the city, Uhuru Park provides the ideal setting, with the option of buying snacks from food vendors dotting various corners of the Park’s walkways. But exercising simple don’t litter sign is of paramount importance, with garbage bins place at the vicinity. There is smoker’s corner at the park as well as the city is keen in protecting the children who often flock the park on Sundays.

Women Uhuru parkThe Park also features some monuments, with the most prominent one built during former President Moi’s rule, a fountain celebrating his regime’s mantra of love, peace and unity. And if you would like to take home with you memories of your visit to the Park, you’ll find a swarm of professional photographers ready to provide you with memory of a lifetime.

The green reserve park amidst vast high-rise development in the heart of Nairobi-Kenya, offer most of the Government employees assigned to the offices adjacent to it, a place to relax and catch afresh breath out of their offices which are 5 minutes walking blocks.

The park in Nairobi the City under the Sun situated at an elevation of about 5450 ft in the highlands of the southern part of the country. Nairobi is the largest city between Cairo and Johannesburg and it’s such an amazing place to be and all you need is time, be there, relax and enjoy.

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