The Weekend Vacation, The Best Way to Rejuvenate.

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A weekend is designed for committed couples to cultivate emotional intimacy, deepen their connection and celebrate their love. With lots of laughs and transformational depth, couples will enter sacred space together to compassionately explore the scars and shadows that hold each person back from full freedom and authenticity. Learn to lovingly identify the wounds of relationship without blame, shame or guilt. Lean into each other with true openness and explore new territories in your togetherness.

One of the best ways to beat the weeks tiredness  is to indulge into something relaxing and curing. And I can’t think of a better way to do so than dancing the night away at a club that’s really on a private island and frolicking in a hot tub on a yacht as you chase a premium selection of Italian cured meats with a glass of champagne.

My wife and I usually travel together just the two of us, and as much as we love spending time with each other, we’re very social human beings who somehow end up meeting new friends. We tend to seek out fun people, whether it’s on accident or on purpose. We’re sort of like Bumble BFF minus the whole technology part.

Maldives is a dream come true island destination with laid-back beach vibes day and night. You can party until sunrise without pretentious bottle service and girls attempting to stand up straight in their 5-inch heels. The laidback vibes maintain from chill time on the rocky beaches that overlook the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, well into the night where everyone parties together in celebration of summer and life. The night starts a tad before sunset when everyone gathers in beach attire at the happiest happy hour spot. It’s a super chill rustic beach bar with the best sunset view on the island where you can drink sangria and mingle with friends.

And then the sun goes down. You’re feeling the beat as things start to get lively because there’s literally a celebration of the sunset. Every. Single. Night. Everyone’s cheering and clapping as the sky whips up shades of orange and pink. There’s a local wearing a tutu and an orange wig leading the dancing as the sun sets into a gorgeous painting across the sky.

And when it disappears to darkness, stars dancing on the sea; champagne showers cue in that it’s almost time for dinner. And so everyone heads back to their hotels or boats or apartments to shower and change for the night. As you contemplate your outfit, keep in mind it’s still beachy casual chic as Maldives doesn’t have the same display of designer labels and heels that you’ll find in other beach destinations like St Tropez or Capri.

Dinner spots consist of beautiful views, Croatian wine, and simple, fresh seafood, although its good to note that finding the cheapest ways to travel isn’t necessarily about one big secret that everyone’s been keeping from you. Rather, it’s about making slight changes to many different areas of your current travel planning strategy to make sure you’re cutting costs where you can and spending your hard earned money on the things that matter, among which one is relaxing in the best way possible as you wide the night away.

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