The City Under The Sun, Nairobi The Kenyan Capital,.

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Maybe one day you will visit Nairobi “The City Under The Sun”

The slow but continuous expansion of the city began, but only to anger the massai  people as the city was devouring their land to the south. It also angered the Kikuyu, who wanted the land returned to them. After the end of 2nd World War this friction developed into a rebellion with the Kikuyus driving off the Massai people to keep the land.  After a lot of pressure was exerted from the locals onto the British colonial rule which resulted in Kenyan independence in 1963.  Nairobi as the capital of the new republic was born.


The city streets are laid out with tarmacked roads, avenues of flowering trees, flanked by old and modern buildings,  with open spaces and stately squares; a cathedral worthy of faith and county hall, artistic museums, theaters and public offices, its indeed a city to visit.

A rather fair statement would be that “The Government and the Municipality have bravely built  a town-plan ambitious enough to turn Nairobi into a thing of beauty and is slowly taking shape”, But until that plan has borne fruit. Must Nairobi remain what she was then, a dull and boring creature? A question that bothers my mind, no it should rise-up against all odds and get to its place.

An iconic city and gateway to Africa, currently undergoing an explosive construction boom. Major real estate projects and skyscrapers are coming up in the city, executive offices, prestigious shopping malls, leafy suburbs, high-class residential apartments for luxury living, hotel towers, casinos and further cementing the foundations are big multinational corporations launching their operations in the Kenyan capital, the international community was  never left out setting united nations headquarters,  among others.

A cosmopolitan hub of East Africa, a city for all walks of life and has seen it all from the old sad days at the wake of terrorism, when muggings, carjackings and kidnappings emptied out the city center and it was nicknamed “Nairobbery” little unfair. To being included on the African city that have been visited by the Potus and Pope. I personal know most of the city alleys and have walked for miles on them and i promise you, you need to be there to see for yourself. The most forgotten are the less destitute and you will find them surviving.

The hospitality of its people is incomparable and the smiles of the concierge team will welcome you to the residence with comfort and confidence. Tourism has risen for the last 3 decades to millions jetting in for the summer holiday. The tropical climate of a city that lies less than 5 degree south of Equator can only be experienced fast hand. Summer days up to 32 degrees and winter falling to 11degrees in the night, this make the city the most constant in weather variation for the entire year.


I have not been considering going there, i was born an raised there reading and writing the language, but merely language as an instrument for expressing and not for concealing or preventing thought, One ought to recognize that the love i have for the city is inborn, and that i can probably bring about some improvement by starting at the verbal end. One cannot change this all in a moment, but one can at least change a thing from time to time.

If one yells loudly enough sending some sarcastic and useless phrases into the air, close your ears and let the phrases be blown away to where they belong. For my city will raise above and be “the city under the sun”

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