South Coast Mombasa A Combination Of Luxury and Tranquility.

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Taking a holiday to a wonderful destination is key to enjoying the time spent out of your office or normal routine. I cannot recall a better holiday then the last easter holiday when I was strolling on the white sand beaches of the Kenyan south coast, burying my toes in the soft white sand while watching soothing waves lap the Mombasa shoreline. The aquamarine water of the Indian Ocean stretches as far as the eye can see, meeting the baby blue sky on the horizon. A lovely cocktail refreshed my spirit like the breeze in the swaying palm trees. The sea waves of Mombasa melted away my every concern and rejuvenated my body, soul and mind. It’s for sure a destination that I love.

Mombasa’s south coast, accessible only by ferry or air, is an idyllic seaside destination where you receive impeccable, personalized services in some of the luxurious boutique accommodations that are perfect for when you want to retreat into a coastal paradise. The most well-known of the beaches is Diani where you will find most of the south coast resorts, many of which are situated in the clearings of the Jadini Forest. The other secluded beaches south of Diani are Galu, Msambweni, Funzi Island and Chale Island, and these tend to be more exclusive than the north coast beaches or even Diani with fewer visitors.

The luxury accommodations in the south coast are unbeatable and of the highest level any tourist can think of, I can remember the stay of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie sometimes back. Safari lovers are at liberty to independently evaluate, the beachfront accommodations in Mombasa to give you the valuable insight and in-depth knowledge that you need to find the perfect resort for your coastal trip to Africa.

The beach front properties represent a range of lodging levels, from elegant, high-end hotels with exclusive access to a private seaside, mid-range accommodations for travelers who prefer a good balance between quality and price and economical hotels and resorts for those who simply want to be as close to the beach and ocean as possible, with the amenities and service at the lodging being less important. Location is the most significant criteria for scoring an accommodation, followed by hotel size and design, cuisine, service level, involvement with local communities and environmental impact.

A good example is the Funzi Keys. The 17 sea-front and sea-view cottages are situated on a secluded seashore surrounded by mangrove islands and channels. The menu includes fresh seafood caught daily, as well as organic fruits and vegetables sourced locally. The all-inclusive Kinondo Kwetu has only a few guest rooms that easily accommodate single travelers, couples, families and small groups, and meals are simply served wherever nature creates the most beautiful setting. The ten individually-appointed guest rooms at AfroChic Diani reflect the coastal atmosphere and cultural African influences. Food is absolutely divine here. I also recommend the boutique Alfajiri Villas offering only three exclusive beach villas. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been the publicized guests at Alfajiri Villas.

The south coast also offers single room accommodation that features an intriguing blend of African, Arabic, Indian and Swahili Zanzibar-Lamu architecture while Serena Beach Hotel & Spa on Shanzu Beach offers a discerning resort that is designed like an authentic and affluent 13th century Swahili village. At these accommodations, you receive excellent service, although not as personalized as that at more exclusive premier accommodations, and the delicious food is typically served buffet-style with optional a-la-carte at a supplement. If you require a boutique hotel in the category, we recommend Tijara Beach on the south coast of Mombasa that offers only 4 rooms with a maximum of 8 guests on average.

For the budget-conscious Tier 3 traveler, the north coast offers ease of access to beaches and local attractions, as well as many of the largest resorts in Mombasa, such as the Voyager Beach Resort on Nyali Beach and the Southern Palms Beach Resort on Diani Beach and also one of the larger resorts, Baobab Beach Resort & Spa, has rooms with a maximum capacity of over 600+ guests on a full night! Meals are palatable and typically served buffet-style with minimal flexibility in meal options or scheduling, and the affordable nature of these accommodations mean that there are very high number of guests and service is just adequate. For a small, intimate Tier 3 beach lodging, we recommend Pinewood Beach Resort on Galu Beach with its spacious guest rooms and suites located in a secluded area of the South Coast. Enjoy your holiday.

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