Paradise Lost, Where you Experience Kenya’s Exotic Birds Feed on Your Palm

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Paradise Lost is a home to ancient caves and you get a little of Kenyan history as you learn as you how they were formed and who used them, and when, The dark cave can’t be explored without light and thanks to the park management for installing some, what about those Mau Mau guys how did they maneuver there during their up- raising, It’s a question I will need to get a well informed Kenyan history scholar to get answers.

Like a faded Hyde Park the waterfalls create a perfect balance of nature’s power to heal the human mind out of the everyday chaos. Paradise Lost is the fun filled Sunday hang-out for people of all walks of life, from a simple couple weekend outing to a large family gets together with some barbecue beside a boating lake, strolling through the long nature trails as you watch the birds over you. There are over a hundred varieties of birds, although I have a feeling that there is usually the issue of bird migration, you are sure to watch different varieties of them as you take a nature trail through the forest.’ The nature trail is also exciting for nature lovers as you get to explore the indigenous and exotic trees and of course enjoy the freshness of the atmosphere.

lost-paradise-kiambu-2What makes it more different for the other waterfalls in the middle of nowhere is the fact that you can get behind the waterfall through one of the caves, a very rear view is experienced, It’s quite an amazing experience to think of the Mau Mau living there all those years in those dark damp conditions hiding from their enemy. But wait a minute when their chasers were waiting for them by the entrance, they would be relaxing in their cave and getting water and refreshments by the waterfall.

Am number of sheds have been built around the parkland, housing the food joints, a boating lake stretches in the middle of the park and people enjoy the warmth of the sun as they paddle their boats, beautiful boats for nine people, hired out with life jackets, and useable for fishing, but not as a base to swim from. Those might be really enjoyed by the foreign tourist who has in the recent started to flock the place for it spectacular weather and geographical place.

lost-paradise-kiambu-5The children will note have fun if they did not ride the horse or camels, It’s a thought I had in mind for a long time, these is well taken care of. There are around 19 horses and 4 camels that you will get the opportunity to ride on. The rides on the camels are 50m to and fro and for the horses it’s 100m.The adventurous ones however can explore the forest on either the camel or the horse and be charged per hour. For the normal rides, it’s free on weekdays and shs.50 for the camel and shs.100 for the horse the whole day.

Kids can also enjoy feeding the ostriches and the rabbits. Kids just love looking at the ostrich’s mouth as they feed it so we give them sukumawiki (kales), to feed them’. I saw three during my last visit and I guess the parks managements must be doing something to increase the number. Remember won’t go home without some face painting and there is a large compound for all kinds of games.

lost-paradise-kiambu-6The biggest pull of Paradise Lost is the Sunday picnic, and you do not have to worry about food. Paradise lost gives you the freedom to organize your own catering. ‘There are makuti bandas and you can carry packed food, or even come with your own mbuzi (goat) and caterers and have your nyama choma. The green grass spreads across and around the hillside, and with holding tables that families fill to heaving with spices and dishes of every kind ahead of long, lazy afternoons of too much food; never mind the games and running around with kids will help you settle down for a cool evening with family warmth.

It is a good point to note that as garden wedding start to trend in the country you might me lucky to witness some newlyweds having fun in the Lost Paradise hoping not to be lost in love only but to have in all the the paradise. While photographers fight for the perfect places to take their shots.

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