The City Under the Sun is Bleeding. Can A Voice Stop It?

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Nairobi sewage-systemIn the wake of the heavy rains that were experienced in “The City Under The Sun”, Nairobi needs a new master plan, The plan should be comprehensive and should entails all aspects. But wait a minute what is holding the city back from getting one. Impunity and Corruption the culprits of modern day slavery.

Disaster management ways in case of a crisis should be enhanced with a formation of a commission to ensure that equipment’s and facilities are available or  can be reached at ease. The commission should as well be responsible to set a communication center, this will help in curbing bad romour and controlling the movement of people from one place to another.

The infrastructure, a new and workable master-plan for infrastructure developments should be set, but wait a minute. I know well without doubt that corruption is perpetuated through impunity and once we take the thieves’ road, we are in trouble. The city is breeding profusely after corruption. The one city which was known to shine in the region has no road reserve or a good drainage system, this has been occasioned by the few greedy gratons. Who stole the land, developed not only private but also sub-standard buildings, milking the working few every coin they got on their pockets.

Cartoons Corruption KenyaI have read numerous articles about the city, we started by stealing the visible, and we develop the routing ways and now every major project is followed by big commissions of inquiries asking who took what? and who slept on his job? Is it the norm of a country that has all the procedures written down? but only followed by the majority poor Kenyans while the few greedy by pass them like a library that does not have any of their interest.

In the olden days projects, like the anti-malaria spraying treatment, by the City Council used to be carried out without delay and lack of funds, the foreign donor’s dollar were well taken care off. Clean water is the most essential human need that any working government should provide to it’s people yet we hear of weeks long shortages in some parts of our city. Repairs of any broken line or machines are triple charged as the companies find a perfect opportunity to rout the country when the proper tendering process is not admissible.

RainstromsThen the “corrupt graduated”, we moved to basic services like road-painting, repairs, garbage collection and public lighting. As this was not enough for the greedy, invisible but essential services were stolen, such as drainage, basic underground services and infrastructure planning. Still the greedy wanted more and, like termites, they ‘terminated’ any visible, heavy infrastructure, like footbridges. After this, we went crazy and stole visible and heaviest stuff like roads and public buildings. We need to restore           sanity and stop them before the county collapses under their greed.

Corruption and collective responsibility is to blame for the horrible situation we see nowadays in Westlands and Parklands, not to mention Zimmermann, Umoja, Donholm and many other estates, with every single Kenyans who live there hoping that one day he will wake up in another place. Yet we are working tirelessly to bring back the city under the sun to life again with beautiful, modern and standard buildings in the city.

Under the current trends and situation,  it will take a few brave people to fight corruption and we need no prophet to tell us of future doom, for the occurrences are obvious, disease outbreaks are eminent and we need to act before the media reports on any occurrence. If we do not act now we will never in the future…..

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