Nairobi Arboretum, an Oasis of Tranquillity at The Heart of The City

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This is one of the very beautiful regions in the country, Nairobi arboretum is a place holding living collection of plants for the purposes of scientific research, conservation, display and education. A place to learn more about environmental education, biodiversity research, conservation,  recreation and the greater ecosystem, Nairobi Arboretum is a 30.4 hectares of wooded landscape, an oasis close to the heart of the city situated in the Kilimani area, about 3 km from city centre and adjacent to the State House. It is bounded by the Kirichwa Kubwa River, Arboretum Drive and Kenya Girl Guide Headquarters.

Nairobi arboretum 3The birth date of the Nairobi Arboretum dates back to 1907 under the watch of one Mr. Batiscombe, then Deputy Conservator of Forests, to try out introduced forestry trees for Kenya. It was gazetted as a national reserve in 1932 and in 1996 a title deed issued by Commissioner of land designating it as a public owned reserve. It was a trial plot for fast growing exotic tree species, to meet the high demand of fuel wood required for the newly constructed Kenya- Uganda railway line and thus help save Kenya’s indigenous forests.

The Arboretum is holding over 350 species of indigenous and exotic plants, most of which are labelled, home to over 100 species of birds, with a distinctive trekking and adventure routes featuring the natural beauty of the jungle, unseen trees to many who live the modern city lifestyles, indigenous local plants and herbs, and significant population of Sykes and velvet monkeys. It’s a things you don’t want to miss.

Nairobi arboretum It’s one of Nairobi’s few remaining green spaces. With shaded walkways from the tall gigantic trees scaling above 30 feet high, the rays of the morning sun provides just enough heat to keep the insects in the thinker bush, It is also a popular recreational park for city residents, who come looking for tranquility, to take long walks, hold picnics, lovers enjoy their time on the beautiful lawns or to commune with their God. Large groups often come on weekends for team-building activities and games in the central lawn at the park, while love-birds enjoy spending romantic moments in its secluded spots. Runners also love to jog around the Arboretum, the forest’s jogging trails full of couples burning calories over the weekend.

To date it’s a free entry park and a number of groups flock here to have team building seminars and training session but of the most importance is the FONA (Friends Of Nairobi Arboretum) they keep a keen eye on a number of activities going around, Thus supporting and contributing to the maintenance and improvement of the arboretum at large.

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