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I love the idea of challenging yourself to learn something new in a specific period of time. I think that you can focus the mind and get yourself off to a flying start. Doing it in a short timeline is a different proposition entirely though. I wish you all the best and think you will make some significant progress, but I do not expect the world to cheer you up.

This kind of behavior not impressive, but it’s certainly normal. However here are people who’ve dedicated their lives to the pursuit of excellence in language, and are not deterred but such characters, whenever they are, working, at home or at the park, a foreign language always falls in their ears, could be  they are either studying for degrees in linguistics, out with friends from all four corners of the world, or complicating the idea of leisure time by reading grammar books for fun. Such commitment is admirable, but what about the rest of us? What about us normal folks who work on weekly schedule without time to spare and require a dose of caffeine before even considering human interaction? How can we learn a new language?

HELLO in eight different languagesI had no idea that I would one day be put to test, out of necessity to communicate I found myself learning words in foreign languages,  I had to choose two colleagues from the department. My task was to attempt to learn as much Hindi as possible in one year. This would mean being around  each other during jobs and outings shopping and then there were not permitted to speak and English or any other language that I would understand, exploiting opportunities to go for lunch with hindi colleagues, and populating chats in hindi language. Then, come the moment of change, the time that I had to be left alone and explain to others who would only understand the language, we would each have a day of intensive chats with deeper language and accents.

I once commenced the challenge as soon as I woke on a Sunday  morning I wouldn’t speak in any other language except that very one that I have to practice, this help me in more deeper understanding of how to use tenses and even the gender of the language. Learning a new language entire requires a lot of patience especially if the learner is above the age of 12, more effort is required to get yourself used to the language sound wave.

Many language dictionaries on a shelfThere is a strange thing that always comes up especially when I will speak a language that most of the people would not expect that I do understand and I get to answer numerous questions, in regard to my originality. It;s something I hate personally but I have learned to leave with it.

To date I speak 5 different languages with deep fluency and understanding and I can bet that the last two did not come easy. For those who would like to follow suite there are numerous site on the web.


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