Light the Candles, In a Natural Romantic Atmospheres at Sundown.

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Light the candles, put on the sweet and sultry grooves, and design a path of flower petals: You’re headed toward romance. Whether you need a break from a hectic life agenda or have an extraordinary anniversary approaching, you’ll fall in love all over again when you see our romantic atmospheres created by the creativity teams in Mombasa. No matter the reason you want this vacation, we make it easy to search for romantic hotels in Mombasa. When it comes to amorous adventures, what are you interests? A question that most of the luxury travel destination managers wants you to answer. In Kenya especially Mombasa we never fall short of imagination of what you would like in your hotels. Be it a health club or in-room professionals for a rejuvenating massage together might be at your fingertips. The restaurants in the area will be delighted to provide for candlelit dinners where you can gaze deeply into your special someone’s eyes. No need to retire to your accommodation just yet, continue the fun times at a nearby bar.

Mombasa not only boasts a wealth of cultural places of interest, but also its an ancient capital of kings is also surrounded by scenic white sand beach that offer a refreshing break from the humidity of the low country. Wander through the streets of the Lamu, absorbing the atmosphere before continuing your tour to discover romantic snookering sites watching live coral reef , plus markets containing exquisite handicrafts including Leso, Lacquer and brass ornaments that will make the perfect gift or keepsake of your travels in this enchanting country. You’ll walk through enchanting streets full of life, venturing through an exciting mixture of tranquility and calmness to reach the beach, tasting the aromatic cuisine this country is famed for at cafes along the way.

The beauty of the Mombasa is not confined to gorgeous white beaches alone. It is present in the tree covered lanes, the sleepy villages and the mangrove-clad hillsides overlooking many stunning Indian Ocean vistas; in short, Mombasa is the walker’s sanctuary. So why confine yourself to your sun lounger when you can explore more of the island on foot touring the islands hot spots. Discover one of the world’s most idyllic stretches of coastline on an independent bike tour through dense greenery, free to stop and eat, and enjoy the tropical paradise at your own pace and leisure.

I think you’ll agree. Sublime cuisine, culture experiences at every twist and turn, laidback locals and some of the most wonderful scenery a luxury traveler has ever spent time in. It’s a country that deserves to be explored from top to bottom and not just the glorious islands. It reminds me as I write this blog article, on my desktop facing me is a lovely picture of an elephant I took while on safari. I stood right next to the jeep and I was so petrified, I didn’t want to take the picture in case the ponderous pachyderm took exception to the shutter sound. It did not. I lived to tell the tale and I have the picture as evidence.

On another occasion, I was busy filming these attractive beasts, crossing the Mara river not so long ago they were so close my heart was pounding with the excitement of capturing the moment, I forgot to press the record button. These are exhilarating experiences I won’t forget, a mixture of serenity, fear and wonder – and it is something I would advise everyone do at least once in their lives. So if you’ve ever wanted to see these amazing animals up close and personal then a visit to Kenya is inevitable.

To all Luxury traveler out there enjoy your luxurious and comfortable accommodation with unparalleled service and fine cuisine within a natural, wild environment. Light the Candles, In a Natural Romantic Atmospheres at Sundown as you dine under the stars and complete the enigmatic experience in Mombasa where you forget all and relax in tranquility. Enjoy.

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