Kenya’s Beautiful Wilderness Offers A Perfect Destination for Honeymooners.

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“It’s the end. I can’t quite believe it’s over. I’m now wondering, is the honeymoon really over? Surely not! Surely I can draw it out a little longer? A few days, weeks or longer? Perhaps we should make the first year of our marriage a honeymoon – or even longer!” It’s a feeling you get to experience the very time you settle in that flight after takeoff, waving bye-bye to the Kenyan beauty over the shattered clouds thinking when is the next time you will see them again ready to indulge into the wilderness. You are headed back to Europe where you have to get used to the pouring rain and freezing temperatures, but its home and everyone would be glad to catch up with family and friends you’ve not seen since the wedding.

While it can be a bit overwhelming trying to plan a big trip while also planning a wedding, think of your honeymoon as not only a time to relax with your new spouse, but a sort of light at the end of the planning tunnel. A time when you can toss all those wedding venue catalogues and catering estimates and seating charts out and just enjoy being married! Simplify your wedding planning by arranging every aspect of your honeymoon, including ground logistics, safari activities, private bush meals, romantic rooming and much more. Kenya’s decades of experience and efforts in the safari tourism trade allows for a natural understanding of handpicking accommodations that cater to honeymooners with a flair that is as unique as your love.

Celebrating your new life together on a Honeymoon in Kenya can be one of the most interesting things that one can experience. Kenya evokes romance and adventure in all who visit. The mornings are amazingly different filled with the birds singing from the flowering trees around. Nothing bonds you more with your loved one than sharing precious moments during your African wilderness travels regardless of which Safari Tier you select. Your hearts pound together as you watch a thundering herd traverse the open savannah and cross rivers of Serengeti. You hold each other’s hand tight as you see a newborn wildebeest calf struggle to stand while cheetahs crouch in the distance, awaiting an opportunity to sprint and pounce.

Your combined laughter fills the air as you peer into the forest canopy to see the antics of primates including velvet monkey in their nature habitat. Imagine, after a day of searching for game in Africa’s Garden of Eden, the Ngorongoro Crater, arrive worn out to your namesake lodge room to discover rose petals lined leading to the steamy relaxing Victorian bath with delicious tropical fruits and wine laid beside your bed with views of the crater floor.

Love and warmth fill your hearts as you quietly and gracefully observe rare mountains landscapes in Amboseli National Park in Kenya, the dormant Volcanoes on the floors of the Great Rift Valley. You snuggle close in the crisp night air as the setting sun paints the Diani beach skies in glorious colors. You delight in each other’s stories around a campfire in Naivasha when staying at the boutique clayman fish camp, a low priced hotel affordable by all, or as you hold each other close in a star-bed listening to the sounds of the East African bush at the Koija Star Beds in eastern Laikipia bordering Lewa, Kenya’s highly prized authentic cultural and wilderness conservancy destination. You look at your beloved’s face and relish the expression of delight and anticipation as the hot air balloon lifts off to float above the Masai Mara golden plains during the Great Wildebeest Migration.

A honeymoon is something you only do once (ideally!) so make it memorable. Take and trip to Kenya and enjoy a safari in the Serengeti. Where calm morning air welcomes you to each new day, and you spend your morning sipping delicious warm coffee and tea while reviewing the photographs from the prior day. These are just some of the moments that you will share during your honeymoon trip in Kenya. Beautifully serenade your bride and groom safari with a combined Indian Ocean beach holiday on the Islands of Lamu, Mombasa or even Maldives a perfect destinations for a memorable honeymoon.

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