Kenya Exhibits Wonderful Christmas Destinations For all Re-igniting Nature’s Love

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The Christmas season is just around the corner. It is about time when everyone drops all the work and family heavy burdens and just focuses on re-igniting their smiles back to their lives. The hard earned savings get exploited just to make sure everyone is happy and satisfied. However, how one butchers the cash is what determines the happiness. In Kenya few will be happy in January if they remembered to pay the school fees before squandering the rest on luxurious holiday destinations, I am very excited to suggest wise ways to effectively get the cash utilized positively to have your family and friends all hugging you for a great holiday well spent.

A wildlife safari whether you are a family, a group of friends or love birds whether newly married or old couples, does the magic trick. You can ignite that much needed love daily by doing something unique during your Christmas holiday in Kenya. With plenty options to choose from, Kenya exhibits wonderful Christmas destinations which include various activities you may be wishing to see in your list. A well thought about trip and well planned beforehand can give you memories that only a few hold in their lifetimes. For me I visited Watamu beach in the coastal Kenya, that holiday was a memorable one.

Like most parts around the world, Christmas in kenya is celebrated with the entire family coming together.  There are traditional dinners featuring abundance of food and holiday cheer. Most Kenyans attend overnight church services in Swahili-Kesha, while others go to their home towns to spend some quiet time with their extended family. They have the benefit of a quiet un-congested environment with clean country air, as the city hubs relax in calmness and peace.

The month of December turns to a merry making season that is well celebrated across the country. Churches and Cathedrals are beautifully decorated for Christmas.  These decorations include balloons, ribbons and Christmas trees embellished with candles, bells and presents.  Whether the family attends the English or Swahili-speaking services, worship is a time of singing and hope for all, especially at Christmas. As the children shine along with their new cloths they have kept for so long, looking glamorous during these particular period is a thing to think of way before the holidays kicks in.

The chefs in the hospitality industry have more guests to feed as hotel are fully booked, guests sample their favourite dishes for once without looking at the price tags on the menu. It’s boom time all across, the feast on the Christmas menu normally contains – Pilau, chicken, beef, rice, Chapatti, cake and a lot barbeque, locally known as Nyama Choma. Such will never see the day end without a few sharing some traditional brews such as Tusker always gracing the occasion.

The lucky few will be headed to the coast in the areas that feature white sand beaches and offshore coral formations arranged in different bays and beach, among the full packed beaches and diving destinations you will find visitor hanging around the famous: Garoda Beach, Turtle Bay, Blue Lagoon Bay, Watamu Bay, Ocean breaze, and Kanani reaf and Jacaranda beach. They are a part of the Watamu Marine National Park. The Marine Park is considered one of the best snorkelling and diving areas on the coast of East Africa. It is also rated the third best beaches in Africa, for it crystal clear water and silver sand beaches. I hope that you will all enjoy your time wherever you are at peace and in-sync with nature.

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