Inspired by the Sporting Weekend in Kenya.

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Kenya in known to produce the best in the world when it comes to long distance running, however the faces on the field tracks are about to change as we saw in the recent concluded World Under 18 championships.  Kenyan runners were winning Gold medals in short races, last weekend at Kasarani Sport Center Nairobi. Not forgetting that very few of the athletes have faced such an intimidating atmosphere as young Ethiopians entered the Kasarani Stadium on Saturday evening to the sound of a full-capacity crowd screaming for their Kenyan rivals. For sure sport spirit lives in Kenyans hearts.

Kenyans at large enjoyed the free entry event which spanned over three days, not even the subsequent torrential downpours that caused major disruptions to the event could not dampen their spirits. Thanks to the Head of State who gave the country the gift of attending the biggest track and field event ever hosted in Kenya free of charge as he officially welcomed competitors from over 129 nations who are bidding for a slice of history.

This occasion was a very special one for me personally and for the Kenyan people. Sports, as you all know, occupy a unique place in our society. Indeed, it is not an exaggeration to say, Kenya has been a major player in international sports and I assure you that in Kenya, you will find many enthusiastic sports fans. Running is fun and more so running a marathon is super fun and a great way to network with some amazing people. But when you run for course, there is more to it.

When you run for a course or run for fun, or for whatever makes you feel a whole lot better than just sheer running in the company of your fellow marathoners. I have decided to share with you my 3 compelling reasons why I run and why my miles makes impact on my life.

  1. Running for a Course.

When you run for the course whatever it is, be it Education of Children, Diabetes, cancer, or even lively healthy you become part of a life-changing force of fellow runners running with you for the same cause, that actually impact lives and shape destinies. Think of another activity that singularly promotes your well-being and help improve the lives of the coming generations within such a short time-frame. See, you get the idea.

  1. Challenging to better yourself

When was the last time you challenged yourself to better yourself, physically? If you have spent more than a minute thinking, the answer is never. Here is the chance to put more flight into your legs, more power to your sinews, more air in your lungs, and experience the sheer joy of running, which will ultimately help a your body to function in better in extreme conditions.

  1. The sheer joy of Running

I am in love with that moment when in the end, you feel your mind is free, your body is relaxed and that even if it was tough to go through the last few kilometers it was all worth it, the fun running, the sense of achievement, the happiness of being amongst other people just enjoying the breeze go past your ears.

Every so often it’s important to forget about what the training plan says to do and just do the sort of run that makes you the happiest, whether it’s road or trail, easy amble or full-out sprint, sunny or rainy.  Don’t worry and stress about the time, distance, or pace.  Get out and run for the sheer joy of it.

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