Has Nairobi Turned Its Back On Women?

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Is it our mission to destroy the Nairobi Woman? A question that came to my mind when I read the story of the lady who left a maternity ward only to board a noisy matatu under the care of unjust society. No way it is, Therefore we have to enthusiastically, boldly and positively identify and promote the Nairobi woman without reservations . There is enough prof that the Nairobi woman’s story is not just about exotic beauty, backbreaking housewifely, single parenthood, nor just suffering and despair, but it is a story of inspirational hope, courage, success and motivation; resilience and zeal in a backdrop of thousand handles to jump.


“What defines an African woman is the ability, not only to survive but to thrive in a political and social set-up that is not designed for her to survive”. I passionately believe that even through the think and thin of  all sorts women have proved themselves to be the most valuable family pillars of the society.  The Nairobi woman still finds it difficult to find a platform that seriously tackles issues to her specific needs across all spectrums.

The “Mama Mboga” is long forgotten during the board meeting happening in the mid morning hours of the day, but all of us will pass by her kiosk in the evening to buy the much needed nutrition for our brains to function. The odds jobs they will do for us for a few hundred bucks leaves me with no words but I hope that the society will one day place the Nairobi women where they belong. In the tasteful, abundant, diverse beauty and talent of the Nairobi woman, in all aspects  of fashion, beauty, lifestyle and health with  inspirations rather than impositions,  the Kenyan men dictatorship in their lives, who believe that women are half the human race.

The Nairobi women have a big role in the society more than we can even figure-out, from being the custodians of food, traditional knowledge on climate change. To the with the support of the society, women can forever change the way of life from securing the future of the families to in-depth programs that will create a  vast wealth of knowledge about crops, wild foods, nutrition, medicinal plants and family law, these societal values are on the verge of being lost to the drains. Just when it is most needed for life to continue,  change and resilience are being actively undermined by men. This goes to the core of woman’s role as custodians of societal values and further pushing women away from it and to the edge is a direct violation of their rights.

In the last few decades, women have been under tremendous pressure to open up theirs knowledge to the societies lifting up their economic value to both main stream corporations, business and productions industries,  their input in both the public and private sectors have precious and precise impact to the society as a whole. In the process, the contribution and profound knowledge of women have been increasingly sidelined, marginalized and violated.


In wake of new challenges forcing the society to diversify and be full accommodating its my view that we will realize the potential in the women around us, acknowledge it and bring them on board before we loose them, our heritage, status, and security. Some women have taken up greater challenges than what society norms imposes on their performance and productivity.They are becoming assets and not liability. Gone are the days when women are sitting in the kitchens when men take decisions.Women now do both corporate and hard work just to assist their family.

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