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As I seat and relax watching Rio Olympics replays, something bothers my mind, am one person who when something’s clicks for more than twice in a short period I don’t let go without giving my views, Will the Kenyan football be back on the international scene?

The Kenyans team was on international tournament from way back in 1926 when then they took on Uganda in Nairobi, a match that ended on 1-1 stalemate, rival Africa’s nation teams had seen then became mystery to the stars, tournament after tournament, till the final CECAFA tournament match that was held in Zambia. Stars managed to push back the host Zambia to a goalless 90 minutes match, which they won in penalties, claiming the CECAFA cup 1975.

stars-2The organizers of the world football tournaments have two things working for them. Sponsors and winners.  The crowd culture at the moment is in constant look out of a feel of football and sometimes, pure fun away from regrets, lost bets, sad faces & controlling eyes. The country has to rethink of a way of bringing the star to the stars they really are. Believe you me Kenyan sportsmen have proved themselves on other areas in the field.

The glory of the national team has seen a number of people feeling frustrated at one point or the other. Contrary to the frustrations there are a number of proud moments as well, among the few times that Kenyans football fans felt proud of the stars. I remember when I was back in school in the late 90s Kenya’s Harambee Stars played Nigerian Super Eagles, world cup qualifiers match that was watched in each and every corner of the world. Harambee stars had become the common name in our lives.

The youthful soul that sought a chance for release. That year the Country could not handle the swarm of human traffic. We remember getting stuck in traffic & having to leave our bus at the grounds. It felt like the whole country wanted to be part of football. I can to date relate with the love of football as Sportpesa sponsorship deal with Hull city football club, has help to confirm and seal the love of football in the Kenyan generations of all times.

stars-4The monsters the organizers had charmed out of the kettle, was now strangling them. KFF as you would always expect, the players issues and matter is never resolved on time.  Leading to most of them leaving the country to play for the European clubs. The majority of locals who had not been exposed to urban behaviour would be forced to gulp it on the streets & it was not long before we all started demanding for foreign football in town. A good thing that lead to success cable TV with Multi choice takin center stage in the Early 2000s.

An afternoon stroll around the Stadium brings out a feel of fresh blood flowing only now without the crashing of waves on the shores of the Forty Thieves Bar. Fixed with biggest smart TVs handing from every angle to make sure that the fans will never miss a bit of the fun. Was it a little of a stretch trying to establish a sports nation out of football?

Maybe yes. As a country we couldn’t find a decent persona in the town to run the club. After getting booked into a leadership gear soon the resources start to trickle down and & get sliced among the office bearers, I thought it better to spend my night at the Golf Club, where a local beer giant was making a killing. The energy around the premier league has somehow made me forget about the chaos in the Harambee Stars camp. I couldn’t hide from the reality of fatigue and soon found myself headed back to grope for sleep.

On my final thought, not taking care of the Stars could be what drilled the national team into its grave, painting a very stale & smelly image of the country in the football arena. The assumption that such a national team’s management could be anchored on quick sand, like the tiny club that the country boasted to be was the biggest mistake.stars-fans

The county pillars were tested by likes of FIFA and others & they caved in to the pressure.  A plain reminder that the country has to do a lot to bring the glory back to the Kenyans football fanatics. I don’t expect much in 2016. There has been very little to show for in terms of support & fanaticism. I am sorry, but all they are doing right now is sowing barley & hoping to harvest chilled beer from the field.

The Kenya football scene is interesting. How a group of people would hold the union by tether does not make sense to date. In roads must be made, I understand. Connections and networks must be made. Those are painful facts we must live with. What we should however never accept is the use of football by a couple of individuals to expose potential players to the outside world only to benefit alone. My advice to the sponsor would be; find better friends next time you want to enter the sport. There exist wolves.

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