Fly Non-Stop To the Cradle Of Humanity. Thanks To Kenya Airways.

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Situated on the equator, this East African country has been described as ‘the cradle of humanity’. With its scenic beauty and abundant wildlife, Kenya is one of Africa’s major safari destinations. However to enjoy this most f us have to fly miles and miles which at times is very tiring, This might have a relief after the launch of direct flights to USA.

Nowadays long-haul travel is as common as cola. We’re flying ever greater distances more often and non-stop, like 19 hours from Singapore to New York, and many others. But the psychological and biological effects are under-researched. Thanks @kenyaairways I might be getting to fly for over 15hrs at non-stop.

It seems I have subconsciously developed a coping strategy. When I fly my 5 hours normal route through a very minor strategy of telling myself I’m entering a tunnel, there’s nothing I can do but sit tight, and at some point, whether it’s 5 hours later in Dubai, 24 hours later in Australia, or after 19 hours non-stop to the US, I’ll get out at the other end. All that happens in between can be a complete blur for all I care.

Occasionally, I will allow the odd passenger to rile m, when stragglers boarding late rub their bums and bellies in my face, or let the straps on their bags whiplash my head, as I try to catch my sleep on the front row seat, it’s quite comfortable with a luxurious legroom. Other than that I am automatic zen. You certainly won’t find me defecating in an aisle, as, I am told, a crazed passenger once did on a long-haul flight with famous airline. I won’t even get angry or anxious, as some studies suggest people do, you can imagine a nicotine addict being out of cigarette for 10 hours.

You know you don’t want a layover, but did you know there’s a difference between nonstop and direct flights? No? Well you should if you want your nonstop flight to actually be nonstop. If you want to get where you’re going as fast as possible, book a nonstop flight. These flights take off at your departure city and land at your destination without any stops. However, these are usually also the most expensive flights. However be very careful for its know that direct flights, despite the name, will also take you from your departure city to your destination, but will make a stop elsewhere in between.

Some people might get off the flight during this stop, others may get on, but a direct flight does not count as a connecting one as it will have you staying put on the plane. With turnarounds of approximately 45 to 90 minutes. Direct flights, unless otherwise specified, will not have you leaving the plane, unless a plane change is required, though this will usually be noted somewhere, so check the fine print. These flights will be cheaper than nonstop flights, though usually still more expensive than connecting ones.

For clarity purposes the Kenya USA flyer will however be able to enjoy the direct nonstop flights from the East African hub to New York City. Kenya is an extremely diverse country which straddles a number of different climate zones, contains a vast range of different landscapes and is home to an unusually broad range of cultures. In so many ways Kenya represents something of a crossroads. It is a complex place, one about which it seems easy to eulogise one minute and despair the next.

Kenya is the original home of the modern safari and offers a very diverse range of experiences, from wonderfully remote high-end camps to very accessible and relatively low cost lodges. Of course the country is perhaps best known for the wildebeest migration in the Maasai Mara. There is also a great deal of history here, especially from the Colonial Era, as well as popular movie and television connections, notably Born Free and the BBC Big Cat Diary. By comparison with countries such as Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana, the general quality of safari in Kenya is really good. This is the home of the packaged safari, with most of the main parks being dominated by large mainstream lodges and fleets of minibuses.

So next time you’re looking to book a flight, make sure to pay attention to the flight details and that’s how you guarantee a perfect summer holiday on a tropical beach.

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