Enjoying Wilderness Photography in Kenya.

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In the last few years I have been traveling around enjoying holidays and nature at large, It is a difficult thing to do especially if you don’t have enough to keep you going. Along my way about I have found a new trend that be source of livelihood and at the same time give you a chance to enjoy the best world can offer. Photography, yes photography has become a real career for many. Kenya is such good place to start up. I have personally taken some killer shots for y blogs.  You’re probably thinking Kenya, Africa, animals, safaris, but my shoot couldn’t be further from that. I have previously shoot some office spaces for a multi-national client and the project took to several other places as well.

This is a day that started well and after finishing up with the first location I was waiting for my local contact to meet me at the car when the security guard shows up and tells me my contact tripped and fell down the stairs and had to me taken to the hospital. Thankfully, she is fine, but this meant that most of the day was thrown off-course. This, coupled with the fact that the permission for the second location of the day was messed up it means that tomorrow will be a very busy day, it’s a day among other adventure that I encounter every now and then.

The surreal landscapes, spectacular cultural practices and incredible wildlife of Africa are favorite subjects among amateur and professional photographers. And no wonder, abstract shapes of deserts, volcanic terrain, coastlines, savannahs, forests and majestic mountains like Mt Longonot are bathed in a dream-like light. Following the crest of a distant hill, a warrior figure clad in red garb contrasts sharply with the lush green. As the sun sets, giraffes, elephants and other large mammals transform into darkened silhouettes against a golden sky from the savannah grasslands of the Serengeti to the majestic lakes full of the beautiful flamingos in Lake Nakuru and Naivasha among others.

It’s amazing how high-speed lenses capture the moment of impact when a crocodile traps a wildebeest in its powerful jaws during the 8th wonder of the world the wild beast migration in the Masai Mara Kenya. A blur of hoofs and claws shrouds a lion kill in an artistic blur in the Samburu wilderness including Meru, laikipia and olpajeta’s savannah riverine ecosystem in the northern pocket of Lamu. Relish at the sand dunes in Turkana Desert where the shadows from sunset cast beautiful orange and black hues over the harsh rugged landscape with the oryx and springbok in the distance. Trek the rugged terrain in Kenya by foot and take some impressive no-flash low light photography of the grooming and chimp behaviors in action.

Alternatively capture African experiences all on your lenses. Distinctly culminate your experience in Zanzibar, Mozambique, Mauritius, Madagascar and Seychelles Islands with clear turquoise photography of the warm Indian Ocean waters against the backdrop of white, soft-sandy beach and green-brown coconut fronds. Your memory is more than just reaching the best locations for superb pictures. The time spent with nature provides you with lessons and expert insights that take your understanding of nature to an almost unimaginable level. You learn that great images are less about the equipment and more about the perception and vision of the photographer. This means that no matter what equipment you have, be it high-end mobile phone, point and shoot, prosumer DSLR or high-end professional lenses and body, you can take imageries that capture the essence of Africa at your comfort level.

Kenya offers four levels of photography safaris to meet the requirements of any creative and documentary tour of Africa, including small groups, private individual, workshops and custom photography safaris. If you have no camera or would like to use more advanced cameras and lenses, you can arrange for form rental shops. Whether you are a new photographer or a professional wanting to hone your skills in the superior fauna and flora wilderness, Kenya Safaris gives you the opportunity to elevate your photo-shooting skills in distinct territories. Am sure next time you take that holiday you will come back with special memories, enjoy you summer holidays.

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