Embrace Diversity as we Celebrate the Hug A Vegetarian Day.

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With things such as food, music and language generally playing a huge part in Kenyan life. You can’t visit the Kenya without seeing the importance of music. It is deeply rooted in the culture and history of many Mombasa islands. While there are crossovers of music genres now from country to country, music remains at the core of Swahili heritage. From drums and steel pans playing at festivals, heavy beats playing out of clubs and bars, and bands performing at shows and events, you will see that music is a part of everyday life. Try visiting a club or local event to see musicians and dancers up close and personal. Carnival is always a good time to embrace Swahili culture as locals and tourist come together to party. They often include street processions and dance competitions, and happen once a year.

Hug A Vegetarian Day was established to show recognition and appreciation for those that have made the, often difficult, transition to a meat free and animal-product free lifestyle. Being a vegetarian isn’t always easy, your food options tend to be limited at restaurants, and there’s a strange social hostility against those who choose to not consume animals. Since vegetarianism first started becoming a popular dietary move, there have been a lot of vegetarian options entering the market and today it’s relatively easy to find an alternative to anything left behind in the transition. So give these brave souls a hug to thank them for the animal lives they save, and the difficulties they sometimes face in their race to save our animal friends.

We live in a world where billions of people exist together and have the advantage of technology to be connected and learn anything they want by the click of a button. The diversity of religion, race, gender, culture etc. are things that are bound to be different from person to person that you meet. Now is the time to embrace this diversity. The message to spread love and understanding are more important than ever in our day and time. The history of intolerance is a long and brutal one where people who don’t fit a criteria and set of expectations are not accepted in our society. There is also this irony that exists. It is this idea of people wanting to live and experience new things. People want to travel the world and get to know new cultures and taste new foods. This excitement to know people who are different from us for moments to be tourists but in reality not accepting them and spreading love to them in our own lives.  The trouble arises when we are not spreading love or understanding for people in our own neighbourhoods who are different from us. They might be of different backgrounds, identities or faiths. Practicing love and understanding should be a norm for everyone. The dream to travel and see the world starts in our own towns.

Talking to our own neighbors and being active in our own communities. Getting out there not being just satisfied by things we know exclusively from media and newspapers. Get out there and see for yourself. There are places in our own communities that have so much rich culture and history that can inspire us and can teach us more about the people we share the world with. If you want to travel the world and gain amazing experiences and meet new people, I suggest you start in your own towns and cities. Get out there expose yourself to new environments and practice spreading love and understanding no matter who you are or which place in the world you live in. It is one thing to do an internet search about a particular group of people or a city to find out what it is like. It is a completely different experience to be out in that city and meeting people for yourself.

We live with billions of other people in this earth. We have so much to learn and so much love and understanding to share with one another. This is what our world needs. We don’t need everyone to be the exact same carbon copy of one another. We should instead embrace and celebrate how special and different we already are. Being judgemental and not appreciating just how vital diversity is in your life should be a thing of the past. Do not overgeneralize people because everyone is a unique individual take time to see the diversity of people in your own life.

Kenya’s second largest  beneficiary of tourism in Africa after South African, offers travelers an exotic taste of the African tropics steeped in centuries of seafaring history. Mombasa is Kenya’s main tourist destination. It is located on the Eastern coastline of Kenya bordering the Indian Ocean which has made it a popular destination for its beaches. This cosmopolitan tourist hub is actually an island connected by bridges and ferries to the Kenyan coast. Tourists flock here to enjoy the many watersports – from dolphin spotting trips on traditional dhows and deep-sea fishing, to diving and snorkeling the wrecks and reefs, and basking on the sun-splashed shores. This has only been possible because of the locals being able to appreciate diversity.

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