Economic Boom In Nairobi After Oil Discovery In Kenya

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Nairobi the capital of  Kenya is expected to experience an Economical Boom, after discovery of  a number of natural resources in the Northern part of the country. The Northern part of the country (Lowdar)which has been arid and semi arid since the area’s history was documented has seen a stead increase in the number of visitors destined there. Big multinationals and oil giants competing for space and jobs to be a part of the economical growth phrase of the country.

Jkia BThe only gateway to the outside word is through the J.K.I.A airport situated at the capital which is at the moment undergoing an expansion plan which is named as Greenfield Terminal (G.F.T), which is expected to increase the capacity of  J.K.I.A  from the current 6 million passengers per year to about 18.5 million passengers annually by the year 2030. An increase in capacity handling will necessitate a full scale expansion of both the arrivals and departure terminals with a realization and new and longer runaway and renovation of the current, Docking spaces and fuel holding areas will be incapacitated requiring an equal measure of upgrade.

What this means for the city council and the residents, there is ultimate need to expand not only the airport but also the infrastructure around town. Road expansion project which are now at 25% complete are slowly shaping up “the city under the sun” into a new look and they will definitely be one of the iconic features of Nairobi given the huge structures that are being erected by the Chinese contractors.

Eka-HotelThe hotel industry which is a service industry has become globally competitive due to destination growth. Due to the stiff competition, the importance to create awareness of the products offered at the destinations, and a promise to deliver so as to keep customers happy and satisfied is the main goal for the industry players. This is because happy customers are likely to come back for more services and even more likely to bring potential customers to the establishments. Therefore it is important that hotel organizations satisfy current customers by understanding their needs as this may act as a cost less strategy for generating new business.

We have entry by bigs names in the hospitality industry like the Rezidor Hotel Group which includes,  Radisson Blu Hotels & Resorts, Park Inn by Radisson and Country Inns & Suites. Kempinski Hotels, Europe’s oldest luxury hotel group, has announced plans to expand its portfolio of luxury hotels in Africa. With two new properties opened in Kenya in 2013. The five-star Villa Rosa Kempinski is located on Chiromo road, within the Westlands area in the heart of Nairobi. It is only a half-hour drive from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and five minute drive to the Nairobi Central Business District. In total 5 new hotels are being set up due to the increasing demand for travel and accommodation in the city. This is to accommodate both local and international visitors frequenting the country.

In return the capital will benefit largely as the oil business comes home, with all kinds of businesses following it, Construction of high-end living houses will go up. The need to activate a 24 hour economic around the city is inevitable with banking sector experiencing most difficulties as security needs to be upgraded.

Oil feildsI personally expect to see the largest and most dynamic economy in East Africa, Kenya is the growth engine of the region. In turn, Nairobi is Kenya’s busiest business hub. A robust economy that needs to grow more strongly and to attract more foreign investors in order to combat widespread poverty and the huge household deficit in the country.

Nairobi keeps up the pace and it will soon be there.

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