Easter holidays, Is dieting an Issue?

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Although Easter is apparently just a one day thing, it’s celebrated for a full weekend and As soon as Easter is close, chocolate is everywhere. When you turn on the TV, when you open a paper, when you’re scrolling through social site, everyone is on Easter eggs, Will my jeans fit next weekend as i have a friend to visit, haven’t seen him for ages and i want to look my best. It’s a state of mind that disturbs many.

Easter Eggs

A yearly Christian celebration,  Easter is marked with joy and happiness throughout the world with great feeling of family passion and get-together . Christian faith depicts the story of Easter to the times of Jesus when he resurrected from the dead. The festival is a favorite among the kids as they get to enjoy their much-loved activity of face painting, bouncing castles and many others. Even in Nairobi, there is a multitude of entertainment arranged by nature parks, shopping malls and hotels to celebrate this grand festival with every business aim to make the best kill after the previous financial dry spell (January & February) .The Easter Holidays provide the perfect holiday break from the daily routine of work as well offering the much needed break from the board meetings and target oversight dramas.

Local tourism does well during Easter you will find eateries full with revelers enjoying the cool weekend, coast is the most breathtaking place where you can enjoy your vacations with great fun, endless white sand beaches will keep you cool and relaxed all day long, chocolate shops and food stores stocking in the Easter treats and endless offers. For the many in the competitive high end luxurious accommodations  it’s time to showcase their products to the nations putting their best artwork forward to arrange an Easter brunch, which includes grilled delicacies plus hot and cold drinks. If you adventure more and move out of the cities the villages are full of life with almost every homestead having a smoke out of the chimney  How could we forget the delightful restaurants who are so enthusiastic to present their brunch buffet and specialties, the African lamb and chicken babe-ques styles,  and the tasting stations? Some will be full stomach before they choose what to eat. Traditional Eastern lunches are always best enjoyed at these restaurants.


As much as Easter is about tradition, it’s a full weekend of temptation, kids are involved in every part of the festival making it more than important for us to watch our diet. “the chocolate eggs” We have a good time tasting international cuisine, egg painting competition, egg hunt party, face painting, special chicken farm, yummy treats and other fun things activities lined up for them. Tourists who are away from home, get to experience the same grandness during Easter celebrations in Kenya.


After the weekend is finally over, I wake up to find myself covered in extras weight courtesy of the chocolates and babe-ques.  I open up the wardrobe and look for the biggest size I once bought without much care or hit the road with running gear to shed of the extra pounds and vow to just write off the entire weekend. You’ve got this… again.

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