Driving During Heavy Rains And Strong Winds

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Driving During Heavy Rains And Strong Winds

Its not business as usual as most of the people spent the better part of the afternoon in their house catching up with the lattest updates on the weather pattern being experience in the country. Many take their cell phones and even forget the dangers of using the phone while driving just to capture the rare moments. Photos and videos on social media site with wide range of hash tag. Rains, a good thing to experience but always be very vigilante on a  number of issue. rains

  • Avoid tailgating.

During bad weather seasons everyone is urged to keep a safe distance with the car in front of you. Traction on you car is very low and if you don’t have a vented brake disk on your car the braking distance is longer than usual

  • Hazards are never recommended.

As long as your car is still on motion and  you don’t have any major problem with the car it’s advisable to use deep lights and parking light of you car. The hazards lights may confuse other motorists.

  • Avoid flooded roads

You are encouraged to use the shorted routes to your destinations, avoiding heavily flooded areas and unfamiliar roads is a good practice. If you have a low car it’s better to keep it’s home to avoid the water intake at the ponds

  • Don’t switch off the car unless it’s the only option.

Keep moving till you get to destination or a safe place. If you switch off the car make sure you have sufficient warning to the other motorist..

  • Expect the worst and be ready.

This happens with some old cars, except some mis-haps here and there.

Always remember “Rains bring thrill and joy in the hearts of a lot of drivers and at the same time it brings confusion and fear in the hearts of many others”

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