Don’t Listen to the Dream Killers

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You have a burning desire to be something, to do something, then you have to get yourself together and focus, along the way on your journey you will meet hundreds if not thousands who will always discourage you. You can’t do much their pressure is too much, what do you do?

School 1It is a thing that happens to all of us wherever we are, we dream and wake with the plan make our dream come, we visualise it, drafts a plan and then the worst happens, we talk to a friend, they discourage you with a few words and there our hope dies, “I have met them dealt with them, it not easy, the storm is worse ahead” at time I almost gave up until I found the phrase

Don’t Listen,

All around you are the voices of discouragement. No sooner do you announce your dream than you hear them drowning out your inner voice.

Dreams are like a balloon full of air, it will shine and radiate the space around but wait a minute, what if a small object touches it, puff there goes the ideas, thin in the air they disappears and without a trace they go. Many have let the ideas disappears like these and down in their graves they lie like a balloons pinched by a small pin.

ballons 1You want to make a mark on the world, in a small place you represent and in the lives of few, just do it, and don’t stop pursuing your dreams for only the strong and determined will reach their goals, only the brave will chase their dreams.

They criticize you. Tell you that you can’t do it. They want you to give up. They want to keep you where you are. The Voices that I don’t listen to. I remember long time back when I hurriedly rush to school with a heavy school bag on my back, with a dream that a day will come that I will drive to work, many voices said driving is for the fortunate, should I have trusted them.


For me I will stand by you, in all the dreams you have as a child, colleague, boss or just a friend,   what we need is courage and determination, the dreams will remain like air inside our lungs if we don’t blow them out nature them and take good care of them.

All I want to ask you all is we join hands and pledge to ourselves never to listen to the dream killers. Too many people seem to revel in killing dreams. Whether you let them or not is up to you

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