Cuties, I Adore The Little Ones

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I was once a little cutie, though I do not have a recollection of how I looked, In my days camera, photos were only for the few privileged, but one thing I’m guilty my photos shots were done but none was developed. How lovely is it to hold a photograph? To hold a memory in your hands and know that you can keep that little piece of paper for as long as you desire.

When the lovely people at Marketing department got in touch with me about creating a website through their office, I jumped at the opportunity. I’m a sentimental piece of  a jerk with a half hearted motive to over develop ideas, but never do. But after I consulted a friend and understood the science behind it motivated my ass into gear. I’m going to start printing my memories because the reality is that they look that little bit more precious when on paper.


Last week I went to hunt down all my old photos from my mums album the oldest I got was a 1990 coloured photo of my grandfather, my brother and I, If the dating system was accurate by then I would say that I was seven years old. No any other memory of me when I was younger than that. In the 21st century you can pick your photos from social media platforms, thanks to the smart phones and IT infrastructure developments, My daughter reminds me of my birthday two days before, not because she has a good memory of it but the smart gadgets have notified her ahead of time.

Besides working like crazy and sneaking off for adventures here and there life has been pretty good. My daughter is in Kindergarten and ready for next school year and has been doing very well academically thou we are still working on her anger management skills…she is a good girl with a very big spirit. I just want to help and guide her to make good choices with her spirit. “You are turning five next month” in a fatherly voice I said. She will be very excited to have an “art party” with all her friends in the Mara plains.


Life has been busy but we always make time to escape and do what we love… and that’s to, is adventure in its own way, We love discovering places unknown or forgotten by everyone. We love researching these exotic spots and finding out the history behind it. It usually takes us a few tries and a ton of dedications to research and reading, before actually locating the places but it is all part of the fun. Occasionally we will bring my daughter along if we feel it is safe and she even tries to help us find the spots. We have been doing this for about two years and she still loves it. These pictures were taken a few weeks ago where there was a break in the rain. My daughter loved running through the grass and I loved the beautiful view of the Mara plains, I love to be back to capture the memories and save them for her days to come…


You are turning five my cutie, I adore you my little one.

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