Couples Can Re-create Holiday Traditions Without Kids in Bali.

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When many people think about holidays, they think of children. But there is no reason you must have kids to enjoy the winter Christmas holidays or any holidays for that matter. Couples can re-create holiday traditions. All children away. How often do you get to do just what you want? Don’t get me wrong, family holidays with our kids are very important to us and we love taking them with us on various domestic and international destinations. However, sometimes you need to do something just for you and your better half.

Like lazing around on the beach without having to chase your little one with your eyes to make sure they are safe and sound.  This is the time for just the two of you, for holding hands, for snuggling up on that comfy beach chair, whilst sipping on a refreshing cocktail or two. Sound nice? It is!  Holidays without kids can be pretty heavenly, and that doesn’t mean that we need to feel guilty about enjoying our time without our kids; we all deserve some down time every once in a while!

For those who are unable to have kids, the holidays can be a difficult time. This is true for those with medical infertility and situational infertility. It can even be difficult for those who have chosen not to have kids or delay having them. Mind you that above 99% of all Christmas advertisements feature moms and dads sharing gifts with children, and you may feel nostalgic about your own childhood holiday memories. Santa doesn’t visit for the adults. He’s there for the little ones. Is there any reason to leave out cookies and milk if it’s just you and your partner?

With that said, what about the sexy Mrs. Santas, made famous by the Rockettes? They were probably not meant for the kiddies. There are many ways those without children can enjoy holidays. Don’t let a lack of children or infertility keep you from creating your own family traditions for the holidays. Our African traditions somehow dictate that until a couple has kids, they will travel home for the holidays. But you can break that “rule” and do your own thing. In fact, it may be better for your holiday stress levels.  Instead of being around your family (and likely lots of pregnant or little children), deciding to go on vacation alone with your partner can become your yearly holiday tradition. Choose a romantic spot, possibly one that is unlikely to be a family-with-children destination magnet. The other side will get you out of those hard questions from relatives, whose curiosity only makes your presence be a bother to them.

Have ever thought of being a kid yourself, take the opportunity to truly enjoy popular family vacation spots as a couple. For example, Disney World. Having the freedom to do what you want opens up the world of opportunities for you and your loved one. It doesn’t really matter how far away from home you go, it only matters what you do with that time. Being at romantic places gives your life that little something that a lot of the time gets missed in the everyday living. Usual chores kick in and you move around your house like a robot, automatically ticking off the things you need to do, only to find that you haven’t really talked for few days, or else when you did it was through texts.

So take your time and choose a destination with a thought on romance in mind!  The destination doesn’t need to be far from home, it could be continent away, six hours drive away or even a 30 minutes drive. When you reach there the relieve that meets you is one of a kind, nothing beats it, no kids, no pets, no car to thick about night heating just you and your love one, nothing  beats the look in your partner’s eyes when you know that she or he loves you without saying anything.  It’s a perfect opportunity to slow down, relieve yourself from brainless activities and chores and spend some true quality time together.

Splurge out on a romantic dinner with candle light and buy her a rose from a guy on the street. Listen to what her heart is saying and hold her hand tight. Call me a hopeless romantic, but I don’t see anything better than that. Parent holidays allow you to simply enjoy and focus on each other without the ‘distraction’ of your responsibilities consuming your time.   Being relaxed on holidays with no pressures allows you to remember why you fell in love with each other in the first place.  You can focus on your significant other and remind them of how deep your love for them truly is.

You are both the glue that holds the family together. The drivers of your children’s future and their happiness. Being the best you; as husband and wife, with a strong deep love; will allow you to be the best you; as mother and father to your children!  At least that’s how I see it.

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