Christmas Holidays In Kenya. Vast Tourist Destinations For Everyone.

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The safari and beach holiday has become a end of the year classic way of getting together and bonding again as a family. Alongside a beautiful family in a gorgeous dresses (who cares what colour it is?) and something fizzy to drink on the day (could be cider, could be champagne), there’s something that just works out about this.

Often all merry markers who love adventure have a safari on the first priority of things they would love to do. The safari drive of a hiking morning gives you a kick start to into the adrenaline buzz, chilling out on the beach afterwards, and returning home feeling blissfully relaxed. However, if you’ve just got married, and flown through the night, there’s a reasonable chance you might be pretty shattered. So, it’s worth considering doing the beach portion of your holiday first, emerging thoroughly refreshed and ready to make the most of the adventure that follows. Alternatively, sandwich your safari between two stints on the beach- a short one to get over the flight, and a longer beach stay to totally bliss out afterwards. In particular a big day on the Kenyan coastal line roaming and basking over the stretchy white beaches give you that tan that you been looking for since fall and winter kicked in, these works especially well for those running away from cold winter in the far north of far south.

There are numerous safari and beach combos across the beautiful country Kenya, with something that caters to every taste. Thou pointing in the right direction well before the flight will give you’re a very good idea of what you expect when you land in Kenya, but to get you started off, here are a few of our top picks, based on my personal experience of the vast tourist destinations in Kenya.

Hot on the heels of riding safaris comes mountain bike safaris, a 21st century adrenaline buzz. Like riding safaris, these offer the same fabulous combination of up-close immersion in the bush and the ability to cover more ground than simply exploring on foot. Without the confines of a vehicle around you, there’s a serious thrill in feeling up close and personal with the wildlife. It is another way of working out of the gyms for those who love it. Imagine hiking up a 5 path and mountain and rolling down back to the foot of it all.

Most mountain biking safaris are offered as part of a spectrum of activities at a safari lodge or camp, and it woud be common to go out for an afternoon or so following a morning game drive. Certainly it’s an excellent way to burn off the endless amounts of delicious food that seems to come with a Christmas goodies.  For those who want to dip their toe into the world of mountain bike safaris we can arrange this at several camps in South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia, depending on what else you’d like to include in your trip. For truly committed adventurers,  a good arrangements for several days of mountain biking in the wilderness is a perfect during end year holidays, as booth climate and time is available for everyone.

What about animal conservation and ecology study on a land of scorched red earth and lush green trees.  With elephants of course.  Samburu, there’s plenty of big game here, which makes it work well in combination with a safari in the Masai Mara, in fact, if you’re a serious nature lover, or just have a deep interest in conservation. Elsewhere there’s a whole range of places to stay from tiny camps beside the Ewaso Nyiro River running wet, or a relatively dry “animal motorway” depending on the season to luxury lodges that look out over an endless expanse of bush.

As you all enjoy these sunny days ahead may Joy, Love, Peace, Happiness, & Adventure be all yours this Christmas & Years to come. I wishes you a Merry Christmas & prosperity in 2017. Stay safe and enjoy

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