Camping in Naivasha A Perfect Place For A weekend Get Away

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Kenya is an extremely diverse country. In just a couple of hours you can travel from thick jungle forest to arid savannah and then to the magnificent camp sites, with the picturesque Lake Naivasha literally on your door step, every minute your lifetime in Kenya can turn to be blown away by the stunning beauty of the Kenyan wilderness.

Naivasha is always a good idea. It has probably been a while since you last packed your bags and embarked on great camping expedition. Well, thank God, Naivasha is here for you. Located in the resource rich Rift Valley, it offers not only a camping site but a peaceful breeze. Naivasha town receives a good number of tourists annually, both domestic and international. The fast growing town is favoured by Kenyan residents as an ideal weekend getaway destination owing to its manageable distance from Nairobi, approximately 90 kilometers.

I have never been a fun of camping, a man of my origin would not be afraid of the big cats they said, that’s never my worries but there is a thing I can’t stand in life, a snake, the imaginations or thought that one would be headed my way would make me change the whole schedule just to avoid the shivering, Ophidiophobia whatever you may call it. I just can’t stand that.

naivasha-camps-3The camping site is a spectacular view in the late night and groups light up the bonfires and drink the night out. The families, the co-workers or even a group of like-minded guys will end up sharing memories under the short acacia trees that spread across the camping areas. Should you have anyone who suffer a similar fear Ophidiophobia it would be wise enough to pre-book him to one of the nearby hotels, a number are flourishing in the regions. Naivasha boasts of various standards accommodation facilities ranging from lodges, hotels, holiday homes timeshares and, of course, campsites.

Most campsites in Naivasha are located along the Moi South Lake Road and are set up under amazing canopies of Acacia trees on the shores of Lake Naivasha, a freshwater lake. The lake is a home to a variety of wildlife and is suitable for activities such as rafting and boat rides to Crescent Island. Campers can also engage in various activities in and around the camps which include cycling, hiking, picnics, rock climbing, horse riding, swimming and bird watching.

I still envy a relative who settled in the town back the late decade, He enjoys what we all run to enjoy, If you are a resident of Naivasha, like him you can make the best out of your town using these simple travel tips. Whether you are a seasoned camper or an aspiring explorer, here are numerous affordable places to go camping in Naivasha to inspire your next excursion. It is important to note that I really don’t need to have a off- road car to enjoy the place, thanks to the country governments, the all weather feeder roads are perfect and a highway is only 5 minutes away, unless you are planning to go deep inside the virgin area.nai

The site is a tranquil campsite with beautiful bushy grounds. The monkeys swing from the trees and the hippos graze on the pier. Zebras and Gazelle are envying the goats and donkeys in our homestead; they get close and interact with the campers giving them the unforgettable memories. Over the years Naivasha camp site has become one of the most famous locations on the Great Rift Valley to setup your camping gear.

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