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c254Solutions Limited Offers an Innovative Way to Own Property In East Africa

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A Construction Logistics Company in Kenya c254Solutions Limited Offers an Innovative Way to Own Property In East Africa

The property industry is one that can be quite complicated, not to mention daunting if haven’t had much experience within the sector. Whether you are looking to invest in property, own a house, or built a property, it is important to ensure you have as much information as possible, to make things easier and enable you to make more informed decisions. In this case a company that gives you all the information you need and at the time you need it, would be the ideal one to work with.

One of the fastest growing Companies in the Kenya c254solutions limited offers another, yet another way to own a house in Kenya, through their online platform they host a number of tools and resources relating to the property development and acquisitions. Their digital platform enables clients; both those within the construction industry and aspiring builders to manage their construction projects from the comfort of their digital device. The web based application for the construction industry helps owners and general contractors manage risk, decrease costs, and reduce project cycle time. c254 simplifies and expedites bid package management, project management, procurement, and communication between teams. c254’s solutions bring’s the convenience, ease of use, speed, and “anytime-anywhere-access” of the Web and wireless devices, to the bricks-and-mortar world of designing and building construction projects.

“I was particularly impressed by the time they took to get back to me after I signed up on their platform, giving me access to consultants, contractors and distributors in an area of my choice. The online platform makes it effortless for those leaving abroad and those geographically displaced by distance and time. You can find out more about your property via a webpage or mobile app,  this is a very engaging and informative portal, providing all the information and progress that you need for your particular property under development”.


A vast team has been assembled by the management of c254, leaving no gap in the property market, its portfolio looks excellent, the board of directors office is run by a professional team with a diverse array of experience in property investments and related areas. I love the way in which they are packed with information, advice and news.

Finances are well managed, less experienced and less informed people looking at property investors can crash and burn just like novice share traders when the property investing strategy they’re using only works in certain conditions. c254 has been in the Kenyan market for several years now, providing feasibility studies, bid, construction and project management solutions to clients both within Kenya and in the diaspora, they understand the dynamic of the region more than any foreign company trying to acquire any property in the region.

“It took me nearly a decade, to build my own living house in the Kenya, for I was living a abroad, since the time I decided that I want to own one, this was occasioned by the expensive life abroad, a number of dubious business men in Kenya and the bureaucratic way of doing things here, I wish c254 had opened it’s doors then, When I landed by foots to c254 and signed a contract with them, they have provided me with an update on each and every progress they made, and my property was read in 2 years.” Say Joseph with a deep thought.

There is lots of interesting dimensions on property development and talking to the people at c254 offers you a new range of spectrum and opens up your mind, you will finally release that your capabilities can only be limited by your capacity to imagine things. Touring some for their projects, (pictured below) I realized why the company portfolio  has gone up in the last three years with over 7 projects running concurrently estimated at over 550 Million Kshs (5.5 million Dollars). It is a small share in the market but growing very fast.

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A took some time to talk to customer relations manager C254, at his state of the art office is Westland Nairobi and this is what he had to say.

It is a dream of every person to buy their own home where he can live with their family and enjoy every moment with them.  Thousands of families have upgraded their lifestyles by enjoying the quality life of apartment complexes. Indeed, flats in these housing projects offer all sorts of amenities including modern clubhouse, parks, shopping areas etc. If you also look to lead a quality life, it would be a wise decision to invest in a residential apartment in East African region. The region presents one of the world’s best climate you can get.  Moreover, with a thick of developers almost thronging the city with their own housing projects, you get a plenty of options to choose from. We at c254 offer the best value of your investments and take care of everything, all you need is seat-back and watch as our engineers transform the once piece of land to an iconic property.”

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I finally hard word with the Business development manager, Sam is also an award winning investor, so you can learn plenty from this property expert, and few sentences summarized the questions I hard for him. What do you think of the young people is Diaspora. “Apartments are one of the major housing styles opted by a number of people in the Diaspora. People find it convenient to live in an apartment because there is no choice of cost-effective homes. Here are some of the eminent benefits of engaging us as you think of a home.

  1. We help develop properties in areas that offer security for you and your family members. Our legal team does comprehensive background of the land and previous owned properties before any engagements can be done.
  2. We are suitable for people who cannot afford monthly home loan payments, providing you with a wide range of arranged through our financial consultants.
  3. We sets the owners free from worrying, and negotiating insurance, we take care of it.
  4. In the future we are looking at creating communities, with wide range of complexes and utilities such as water, electricity, internet and garbage handling, bridging you and the local councils.
  5. We will have large developments, with well-maintained garden and landscaping, cycling track and running tracks incorporated as part of the project. This will provide large space for you and your family to take a breath of fresh air and relax.

The growing population is here now, demand for high quality housing and development to live their life with more comfort will be immense in the next decade. I personally believe that c254 Solutions Limited  has the experience within this industry.

Email: info@c254.co.ke

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