Boniface Mucheru Smiles In the Spirit of Rio

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Boniface Mucheru scooped the silver medal in the 400m hurdles in Rio Olympics on Thursday morning, he came in a close second after clocking 47.78. A smiling young Kenyan from Kieni was on the news again making history as he restored the faith that even Kenyans can win in the short races. That’s what a great runner does, “he greets everyone with friendly faces and open arms”. Its magic begins with its natural built, the body sharp and weight are a good things to looks at when thinking about the athletes.

It is sad to mentioned that Mucheru has been on the receiving end of a viral video which showed him having problems during an interview. However, he proved that does not matter in the end, and now the whole world has been seen happy and rally behind him.

Mucheru 1For me I want to personally thank you in the spirit of Rio, for making that funny clip of “that’s why reporters need interpreters” for you have down PR for Mucheru, it would have been so hard for many Kenyans to recognize him being a young runner and running among renown runners like Kerron Clement of USA.Boniface Mucheru Smiles In the Spirit  of Rio

Mucheru gave me that thing to think about, being in Rio. A radiant city, with its name in almost half the population of the world today, I took a few minute to try and understand Rio.

Rio has amazed travelers since the first explorers landed in the sixteenth century and has inspired countless artists, designers, architects, poets, and musicians for more than 450 years. The massive statue of Christ the Redeemer on top of Corcovado mountain watches over the sea and the mountains, the concrete jungle and the world’s largest urban forest, the simple colonial facades of churches concealing rich baroque interiors, and the scantily clad bodies that parade the beaches, where all classes gather in the democracy of bikinis and sungas.

Rio de Janeiro : Drum queen Bianca Leao, from Uniao da Ilha samba school, dances during the Carnival parade at the Sambadrome in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Sunday, Feb. 7, 2016. AP/PTI(AP2_8_2016_000013B)

But the attraction of this unique place is even deeper; it lives in the hearts of its citizens, the cariocas, who, no matter where they go, radiate the sun they so revere. Generous, creative, open-minded, and in constant motion, they are a people of all colors and creeds, which, despite the difficulties of social and class divisions, never loses its morale, its smiles, and its faith in the victory over the daily battles of the human condition.

Epicenter of the colorful explosion of joy, feathers, and sequins that is Carnaval, Rio is a marvelous gateway to discover the wonders of Brazil. Filled with vibrant imagery celebrating this dynamic city, best hotels, restaurants, art galleries, shopping, and sightseeing attractions. Rio indeed is a city to visit.

Mucheru 3It is these spirit that I have decided that Mucheru should have a space on my blog today. His radiant smile managed among others to hide and throw back the smiles and laugBoniface Mucheru Smiles In the Spirit  of RioBoniface Mucheru Smiles In the Spirit of Riohter of those who laughed about his use of English words. I have known him from when he was a teenager and he has personality that every kenyan should be proud of and of the use of the greek language 8-4-4 is to blame.

Once again in the spirit of Rio thanks Mucheru for making us so proud. God bless you.

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