A Unique Wedding Experience On Kenya’s White Sands Beach.

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A beach wedding, whether held at an exotic destination or your summer getaway home, can be a great experience both for the couple and their guests. After all, it’s like a mini-vacation for everyone involved! However, pulling off a flawless event at the shore isn’t without its unique challenges. Mombasa Kenya is among perfects locations and with a perfect weather as one the most important things to consider when planning your nautical nuptials. The ocean presents one of the most beautiful settings so I always encourage couples to consider having their wedding during daylight hours, once the sun drops below the horizon, the water goes black and unless you have a full moon, the beauty of the sea is lost.

A barefoot beach wedding is gorgeous, but it’s not realistic to expect every bride to ditch her shoes. One solution to get you down the aisle in heels is to bury a wooden walkway that leads to the ceremony under the sand. These are the things that one should pre arrange with travels agencies, and Kenya has plenty of them and when money is mentioned am sure stones will be turned to perfection.

One of the finest wedding venues is a romantic stretch of beach in Kenya where gentle waves roll upon the pristine sand, and the golden light of the sun creates an ambience that is as warm as love itself. The Kenyan Coastline has ended on many couples list of a preferred beach wedding destinations in Africa. This has been characterized by many reasons, all of which lend to an intimate ceremony with a small gathering of close friends and family. While simplicity is the most attractive aspect of a beachfront wedding, couples who choose the venue also enjoy the freedom and flexibility, as well as the memories of a unique, one-of-a-kind beginning to their happy union. While quite enticing, seashore nuptials do require a bit of planning, and the destination must be as exceptional as the couple. As seaside weddings grow in attractiveness, the coastal destinations that were once reserved for only the most affluent couples have now become accessible to all.

In world’s history the most exotic and hush-hush seafront wedding venues have been seen in Kenya, a fact that only a few other destinations can challenge, however the cost of it all has redefined the beach weddings.  The coastline of Kenya is an idyllic blend of white sand, brilliant turquoise-blue ocean and seclusion in select beaches in the south coast and Diani. Planning an East African beach bridal trip may seem daunting, but with skills, expertise, insight and guidance, you will have the coastal wedding of your dreams. The Kenyan wilderness is close-at-hand, so you can integrate honeymoon tour in the African bush. Your friends and family will be truly impressed with the day travel to historical attractions like forts and ruins, Swahili townships, interactions with native peoples, leisurely walks, sunset boat cruises and so much more. In the recent past specialize in personalized Kenya beach wedding holidays, has increased the details in the whole occasion, such as timing for tides and weather, seating, intimate resorts, meal catering, local regulations, traditional ceremonies, photography, hairstylist and much more.

Al though choices are few in Malindi and Watamu, those areas do offer their own uniqueness in such an occasion. With hand-selected smaller accommodations for our guests who wish to marry along the Kenyan seashore, additionally, you should not worry about strangers or beach vendors casually walking through your ceremony, so those areas are private and safe. The wedding is only the beginning, though with the African bush nearby, you can arrange a private honeymoon safari of the Kenyan wilderness. Speak with your safari planner to find out about the weather, animal behaviors, activities and general experience that coincides with your wedding date. Even if your wedding party does not join you for bush experience, they have plenty to do, such as diving, fishing, snorkeling, sailing, day excursions, shopping, cultural outings and much more. Enjoy your day on the unique white sand of Kenya’s south coast.

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