A Surprise Video Captured, as A Wall Gives in to Floods

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Floods In NairobiWe have in the past witnessed nature’s fury on multiple occasions, some of the most frightening being the Nairobi floods. With roads submerged, electricity shut down, telecommunication connectivity lost, continuous food and water supply being put to test, people thrown out of their homes. People in Nairobi had the worst time despite all the safety measures being in place.

A group of people watch the road from the safety of their building without knowledge of what they are about to see, they start recording the frantic efforts of a stuck motorist as he tries to be towed out of danger, then the unthinkable happens the wall adjacent to DOD gives in to the flood waters.

Unconfirmed news says the wall claimed 4 lives, so sad for such a thing to happen in the 21st century, due to a tremendous amount of rain, during floods there is a likelihood of other disasters such as electrocution, motor accidents and collapsing buildings etc.

There are a lot of players in the mitigation and water damage repair business. Some small companies are not approved to work with any insurance carriers, and they resort to paying plumbers for leads. They raise the price to cover this payout and many times it is double the prevailing drying rates, just be careful before you place that call for help.

Flood Goat

Nairobi at large lack a fire and water damage restoration company, or clean up company that has a ready set up, ready at the moment to deal the such multitudes of water, the only hope left for the Nairobi residents is to hold on the local government, which in turn is hoping to subcontract some of the repair jobs after the floods. We are here. We go to church and school here. We pay taxes here and we are part of the community here, Nairobi residents will have many unanswered questions for months to come, but i hope it will be a good lesson for us to always plan for the worst.

This means that we have to meet standards of modern cities in all aspects. Floods management is one of them, It might not be possible to prevent a flood, even if we know that its about to get flooded. However, there are certain actions that can be taken to reduce the impact significantly, or, to reduce the possibility of flooding, a good example, Nairobi county government should ensure that it is keeping the drainage system clean. This allows water to be carried down very fast. Choked drains cause a significant reduction in the ability and speed of the water to be drained away. In most situations this is a major cause of urban flooding.

General clean-up of streets is also important. As rain water runs down the street, it rushes into the storm drains. If the streets are not clean, the rain water trying to go into the drain will carry a lot of solid waste with it, which then obstructs the flow of water by the drainage system. The drains might get choked due to throwing of solid wastes directly inside storm drains, all solid waste managements companies in the city must be inspected and if any suspicion of misconduct arises, there is need for investigations.

Walls crashes down as city residents watch in despair. 

Human activity in the urban cities and behaviour needs to be dealt with, as these solid wastes might include construction material, plastics, paper etc. This is a clear example as to how human activity can amplify the process of flooding.

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