A Staycation Can Offer Peace and Tranquility Just like a Big Holiday Does

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I have loved traveling for a long time, and when I do I like to visit those exotic place, be it a cave or thick forest stretch, with the right gear am good to go. There is something that I don’t leave behind, that camera, when I place my eye behind it, wow a silent word whistles in my ears. That another on my list of virgin shots, I do call them so for it my first time there, I don’t really care who been there when. Traveling for leisure can be difficult for most of us, many people overlook attractions and destinations in their local towns not knowing that they could have an even better holiday experience not so far away from home. Domestic tourism or staycation, as the English like to call it, is one the best ways to get to know your country or town, accommodating most if the travel constraints like tight budget and travel time. Just because your wallet might not be behaving as you would like it to, doesn’t mean you cannot quench your wanderlust.

horse-ridingIt is in the same spirit that I do highlight more of the local places that one can pop in without much of earlier preparation, an afternoon picnic at a nearby location, you not only get to save on would be transport costs but also eliminate of the stress of traveling over long distances such as waiting at the airport or traveling to places with poor road networks.

I definitely need a vacation and everybody feels this way. I’m not special. But, I have spread myself too thin – things, important things, fall through my cracks because I lose track of what day it is. I keep calendars – physical and virtual – and still I miss things. I just missed a conference call because I forgot this is Thursday, and I’m focusing on a big meeting I have to prepare for before tomorrow morning. Those are among the things that make me believe that all need holidays. Yes, little time to relax & rejuvenate.

staycationA staycation is supposed to be relaxing and fun and at the same time and planning your travel goes a long way in ensuring that. It is important to make a list of the places you would like to go. This will help you keep track of places you have visited and the ones you would be keen on visiting in future. Once you have checked against your schedule and identified a suitable date, then you should start making travel arrangements. If you don’t prefer getting your hands dirty with all the nitty-gritty of making travel arrangements or simply don’t have the time, an ideal approach would be enlisting the services of a local tour operator keeping in mind your interests and budget. This would definitely be a great step towards finding that amazing holiday deal that you never though existed.

mangrove-kenyaBut wait a minute something closed my mind, I need to walk down that path on the mangrove, the neatly arranged planks on the Gazi Mangrove Boardwalk, what more can I do than to imagine raising my hands in the air as the camera flashes behind me, as I close my eyes and fully immerse myself into a complete state of peace and tranquility. That the point that there, peace and tranquility a source of inner strength to work the extra mile tomorrow.

I know by now you are wondering what is in my mind, for sure nothing much and can’t leave a week more without a mangrove walk, hope my little curb doesn’t disappoint me in anyway and that the story I will bring you when am back. For today i will set myself off for a ride on the beach enjoying the cool breezes and summer winds blows from the oceans. Enjoy your staycation.

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