7 Spectacular Places to Visit with Family & Friends out of Nairobi

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You’ll be surprised how fast a weekend can rush through if you sample the outdoor activities and places to see in Nairobi. My friend and I decided the best way to connect with our homeland is to hike up the Ngong hills, enjoying the breeze and the spirit of fellow countrymen hikers.

On climax of our hike we thought of few more places we would love to visit any time we had a weekend on our side. It took me some few phone calls and few hours behind my laptop reading through, after which I came up with the list below.

  1. Paint Ball Fury

If you are looking for a great time with a group of friends during the weekend, then paintball could just be the ultimate place to visit.  A call to the Paintball Fury can even place you to a jungle paintball.Animal Orphanage

  1. Animal Orphanage

In the recent times we have seen the kings of the jungle pay us a visit in the city, so what if perhaps we visited them; I believe you would love to take a picture so close to a lion, a tame one for that matter. Nairobi Animal Orphanage operated by the Kenya Wildlife Service, could be an ideal place to walk around while having a conversation. This is also a great place to take children.

  1. National Museum of Kenya.

Let your children learn more while you have that chat with your friend, the museum is an ideal place to visit over a weekend if you’re looking for more educational yet fun stuff to do. It will give you a more reflective time to examine the country’s history and the present.Karura Cycling

  1. Cycling At Karura Forest

An fitness outdoor activity keeping you in sync with mother nature, If you’d like to escape the madness of the city or your residential area and get into the thick of a forest on a track stretching over 12 kms, this is the plan.  It will also get you back to fitness after a week of sitting down for too long at the office. Fresh air and blood rush as you race through other bikers.  You can hire bikes at the forest or still bring your own.

5. Mamba Village

Mamba village is best known for its crocodile farm – it is estimated that there are 70 Nile crocodiles at the village and Maasai ostriches. There are several several restaurants in the expansive area in Karen, about 13 kilometers from the city centre.

6. Arboretum

The trouble is to have a completely different definition of the word, “adventure”. Now they’re about to find out that when you push yourself to the edge, the real fun. The arboretum is located along State House Road and is ideal for that conversation you’ve been meaning to catch on with a friend or a group. You do not need to pay to walk into the arboretum. Photography can be at the peak, for those who would love to test their shooting skills.

Nairobi arboretum

  1. Rolfs Place

Rolf Place is only 25 minutes from the city centre on the eastern side of the Nairobi National Park. The place gives you a panoramic view of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Kenya and the Ngong Hills all from one point. There is opportunity to view wild animals across the gorge. If you happen to spend the night there, roaring of lions and leopards often pierce stillness of the night.

The combination of skilled and creative landscape design, unique wildlife species and detailed interpretation, renders Nairobi and it environs a supremacy in tourism and conservation education to all the world to enjoy.

While on the gardens, you can sample a variety of foods, or have a drink at the bar. You may prefer to have a walk or a picnic here. I hope the next weekend will never be a boring one, and remember how they made you laugh in the past and take life in strides and enjoy.

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