7 Points to Ensure Your Safari to Kenya Creates Memories For a Lifetime

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I am no stranger to the unique and untamed beauty the wilderness life on the savannah grassland, on the never ending plains of African’s best holiday destination Kenya. Am sure that by now if you follow my blog your must be thinking of visit Kenya or any other tourist destinations.

So it’s your first time on Safari and you’re not at all sure what to expect. You imagine there will be all kinds of wildlife hippos, zebras, elephants, lions and possibly even hyenas, yes, but what else happens? I feel extremely fortunate to have been on countless safaris in my lifetime, and can say with complete certainty that this is my all time favourite travel experience.

My first safari was in Tsavo National Park in Kenya, followed by a second stint in the same year to the Maasai Mara National Park trust me when I say it is addictive, followed by a third safari in Meru National Park in Kenya a year later to date the list is endless and I have almost lost track of the sequences, Though all of them offer their own uniqueness and memories that will last forever in my brain. Each safari was incredibly different from the next, offering a chance to view different wildlife each time. Just like every office day has its own challenges and pick points, even each day on safari is a completely different experience and no day is ever the same when viewing these incredible animals in their natural habitat.

Just before you embark on African safari, here’s everything you need to know to ensure you have an incredible trip with no regrets. The tips work well for the first timers as those who holiday more often would have enough knowledge and experience.

  1. Vaccinations

Before you go anywhere at all or even reach the final stages of planning, be sure to check the vaccination requirements for the country you are visiting a few weeks in advance and allow yourself time to get the necessary jabs to prevent you falling ill. Each country is different so be sure to check each that you are visiting in advance.

  1. Prescriptions

On that note, some of the viruses that can be caught in Africa aren’t as simple as getting a jab in the arm, such as malaria which effects large parts of the continent. Be sure to stock up on the required medication to forego any illness from your trip. It would be good if you have any pre-known conditions to check the medicals assistant available in the area you intend to visit. (Bee sting allergies and nuts)  

  1. Visas

Another important thing to check months in advance of your trip is whether or not you will require a visa. For many countries you will be able to purchase a visa upon arrival or not require one at all, however some countries do you require you to apply for a visa in advance in your home country and should you not have this sorted, you will be denied entry.

  1. Travel Insurance

I am wholeheartedly of the opinion that if you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel. This is particularly true when visiting areas of the world that can put your health at a higher risk, so if you’re traveling to Africa for safari it is 100% necessary you purchase travel insurance. Not only will it cover you should you wind up in hospital, but will also cover you when your bags go missing or even just missing a flight connection.

  1. Photography Gear

As a final note on preparation for safari, I would strongly suggest getting your camera affairs in order well in advance of your trip. Not only do you want the right gear to take with you. Decent lenses with a reasonable zoom range would be ideal but weight and packaging should not make wear you out on a trail trek, but you also need to know how to use said gear.

  1. Security

I might sound naïve if I mention security, but am sure that no one would imagine that he would lose his camera to a bunch of street boys while having an early afternoon stroll. What if the lions came brazing to you in the park, your security is more important than anything else.

  1. Immigration and Customs

It’s important to understand the things that one can bring or bring out of their travel destinations, Thou Kenya in particular has got tourist friendly laws they prohibit movement of anything that would endanger the lives of the animals by encouraging poaching. While in other tourist destinations like Australia do not allow any organic product including some food items and chewing gums, even thou they have been processed and packed for human consumption it good to note that declarations at customs is a must.

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