Learn To Live Your Life in 3D-Discipline, Dreams and Determination.

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It’s Friday morning and as I write this and my blood is still racing with excitement, it has become a routine for me to wake up on Friday morning ready to scale the 3km round park for three rounds, it doesn’t just happen, unless we are all angels on earth, wanting something is not enough.  You must hunger for it.  Your motivation must be absolute, compelling you in order to overcome the obstacles that will invariably come your way.

Thou each and every one of us has a special gift to bring to this world.  Something that is unique within us. I might have discovered mine what about you? I encourage you to take some time and space for yourself, to feel and think through this.  Allow your light to shine.  Allow it to shine brightly.  Believe in yourself.  Keep on matching’ on, no matter what. Here is my 3D view of life and there is absolutely no doubt, in my mind and heart about that.

Whereas determinations come from many corners of life, I’m reminded of the many obstacles and difficult times in my own life, which I have maneuvered my way through and around, to get to my own goals and successes.  displine-1

And I wonder about everyone all around me, and what visions and aspirations they have had for themselves, that they have not been able to accomplish.  My determination counts on the field track when am 2 rounds and am almost giving up fighting with my simple brains as it tells me stops after all you will come back here. Accept responsibility for your life.  Know that it is you who will get you to where you want to go, no one else can ever believe in you if you don’t believe yourself.

There is powerful force inside of you that pushes you to achieve your dreams against all odds. That force is determination. Without determination, which also fuels another force called passion, you might give up at the first sign of trouble. However determination reminds you about your goals and all of the things you’ve sacrificed towards achieving them.

There’s a little voice inside of us telling us that “it’s time to quit”, “our dreams won’t pay off” or that “we should focus on doing something easier”. However, when you live your life in 3D—discipline, dreams and determination, you learn how to silence that voice and enjoy your life as an accomplished and happy person.

“He who lives without discipline dies without honour” a borrowed principal. I look at discipline here as the ability to do what is right, when it is right. Ability not to do what is wrong, what is inimical to your dreams and purpose for living.  Discipline helps to avoid procrastination, the greatest self-made enemy to success. It assists you to follow your plans, pursue your goals and keep to your principles. Self-discipline is the road to purpose driven living.Discipline

My areas that need discipline among others include, oversleeping, laziness or idleness, addiction to television, attendance to frivolous entertainments and the likes, yielding to pressure to do what is wrong, flocking around bad friends, excreta .. Many people can relate to these, especially younger generations, assume that the word discipline is synonymous with the word consequence. And for a while, I believed the same thing. However, discipline is also defined as a willingness to make sacrifices and obey rules in order to get results.

I remember hearing my parents say, “Do the things other people won’t do now, so that you can do the things others can’t do later.” I always keep that in mind while I am doing things to grow my business and build the future I see for myself. Of course, I still take time to enjoy my life, but I also understand the significance of being disciplined so that I can continue to build my dreams. I encourage you to practice the principle of discipline now so that you can enjoy the fruits of your labour.

As a child, we all have dreams, aspirations, unimaginable feats we’re unrealistically trying to achieve.
Why is it that when we’re young, we’re so imaginative and willing to believe but once we reach that place desperation kicks in, killing all the dreams and withering them under the desert sun.dreams-2

I had another strange dream. Very different from any the previous ones, this was not a nightmare, quite the contrary. The diver from the photos appeared to me. He looked nothing like in the photos, but it was the same man. He was the poet who had written the poems as well. In the dream he floated in the air above me in the bedroom as if we were underwater. He was wearing a strange, heavy diving suit, almost like a spacesuit, and he was shining with a bright light. I wish make it clear I tried swimming for the last life that I have lived on earth but has never worked.

Is it that am failing to follow my dreams, the things in that dream made perfect sense, but now not so much. I’ve made a habit of keeping a notebook and a pen by my nightstand, so that I can write down my dreams as soon as I wake up, but even then, I feel that I missed or misunderstood a lot of what he told me, already beginning to forget it while I was writing it down.

It’s, when I read through my own notes now, and release that some of them make no sense. But still i feel shaken by the powerful emotion I felt in the dream.

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