3 Perfect Weekend Getaways From Nairobi

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After a long week at work all you need is a relaxing weekend and a quite place to bury your head….You don’t get yourself stuck on the first class airport lounges thinking of catching a plane to Seychelles or Hawaii all your need is you 4X4 suv ready for a weekend adventure,..

  1. Naivasha

Driving down to Naivasha will take you less than two hours, the spectacular views as you drift down to the great rift valley, the sunset is a wonderful sight after a long day at work. The hotels in Naivasha are not far from the main road and they are very easy to find even if you don’t have a GPS system. Hotels pre-booking would earn you a good discount even if it was a few hours before arrival.sunset rift valley

Saturdays are perfect for Game drives and you will enjoy the wild as you relax under the cool breeze before the afternoon sun. The afternoon you will enjoy and swimming session back your hotel and if your not into it a good massage session will make you sleep like and baby after dinner…

As your driver back to Nairobi on Sunday afternoon you will be looking forward to your next visit to Naivasha.

2.  Mt Kenya region.

You can choose a number of location including Meru town Nyeri or even go further to Nanyuki. the further you go the better.

Spending  sometime next the British army personnel, would be the safest place to have fun your security is guaranteed thus you can rave to the highest level. The quite night in the rooms, until the crack of dawn when the birds will wake you up with hyms of praise reminding you that the earliest bird catches the worm.

The afternoon will not be complete without a bonfire and some barbecues in the vast flat lands, as you drive back to Nairobi after the cool weekend remember to take the memorable selfies at the equator crossing pointlake magadi

3. Lake Magadi

They all said it a lake full of soda but i find the water running down after the lake  very health for my skin. Am not a dermatologist but all the best water selling companies will tell you spring water if the best, you can have a lot of it here swimming in the hot springs during the cold evening will keep you relaxed counting the stars as they transverse the universe. The site are breath taking.

Early morning hikes up the mountains to the forest as you blend with nature, breath the purified air by indigenous trees as you test your gym skills if they can keep up to the game, remember to have lots of water to avoid dehydration and a rush back to the hotel.

Group games are an in thing in such occasion and there i plenty space to do so and more less to care about as most of the hikers will be real strangers.

Enjoy your weekend to the fullest….

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