14 Falls, A Kenyan Natural Water Fall and Beehive of Activities.

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Fourteen Falls is located about 65 Kilometers North East of Nairobi off Thika-Garissa Road turning at Makutano junction. 14 Falls waterfall at Thika is a spectacular 27 meter deep and a perfect day trip destination. There is a lot to see and do while in this scenic site, boating, fishing, photography, plant identification, and bird watching are among other activities

Fourteen Falls derives the name from their 14 distinct waterfalls on the broad section of the famous Athi River. A visit to 14 falls is definitely worth the effort. Very basic in regard to amenities at the falls, as the Kiambu county government working hard to keep the environment as natural as possible not to disrupt the ecosystem around, but the experience of walking across the river is both a lot of fun and a great way to spend a few hours with friends or family

14 Falls 2A drive north from Nairobi will be short of 45 km to arrive at Blue Posts Hotel, established in 1908 as a stopover for white settlers who farmed and lived in central Kenya.  Another 22 kilometers to Makutano will go unnoticed as you start to experience natural beauty.  At Makutano follow the Kenya Wildlife Service sign and turn right, proceeding 3 Kilometers on an all-weather murram road to Donyo town. At Donyo turn right and proceed a further 2 Kilometers to the main gate.

Once at fourteen falls, a local guide will lead you down a rocky path to the near side base of the falls where you get a boat for crossing the river. The experienced boat guides use a long pole, guiding the boat on a leisurely ride downstream, back upstream and across the river to a rocky bank on the far side. The view of the falls from the boat is extraordinary.

14 Falls 5You may spend a couple of hours strolling around the rocks at the base of the Falls and enjoy the fresh air, breathtaking view of the local flora. The base of the Falls is characterized by large boulders and the powerful sound of rushing water as it cascades down the 25-foot drop. As a fine spray hangs in the air and keeps everything cool. There are lots of birds. The guides also entertain visitors by performing jumps (they call it ‘diving’) from the top of the falls to the plunge pool below. Preparing packed lunch offers you a perfect picnic times as couple or family

The reasonable cost to enter the falls has kept the guides busy and the nature lovers consider it as the most affordable water fall in the regions, considering the money assists people in the local area. Guides are available to walk you across the river.

14 Falls (2)As you depart from the 14 falls it good to leave before darkness as you will have enough time to have numerous stop and buy fresh farm produce from the traders, remember these part of the world is  famous for the vast pineapple plantations.

Other things you may find exiting along the way are the large sisal farm  stretching as far as your eyes can see, these as promoted the existence of a number of industries on the other side of town, textile taking the center stage(cotton), food processing (pineapples, macadamia nuts, and wheat), tannery, motor vehicle assemblies and cigarette manufacturing. About one hundred small scale industries and about twenty major factories exist in and around the town.

14 FallsOne of my favorite excursions is to visit nature parks,  I have to make something very clear, when you visit the nature park you get fresh as you forget the city life, therefore if one breaths the fresh air exhaled by the exotic tall trees, you experience firsthand the rewards of mother nature. For those who wish not to get wet or cross the river, there are walkways along the sides to take amusing photos of your friends and family, but for the rest of you.

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