A Girl Saves Her Chicken by Taking it to School

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chickensThe young innocent girl had to do the unthinkable after news spread in the homestead that one of their dad’s favourite brother was coming to visit them with his family, the mother without remorse had suggested that “The chicken will on the table tomorrow for lunch“, there was no time for big preparations due to the urgency of the meeting which had been occasioned by a land issue between the brothers, they need to have a warm welcome for them. The urgency of the visit had put to different matters at the head of the little girl, mine is just an imagination of how little one’s can deal with such issues,  a loving uncle and precious chicken.

As the girls retired to bed the night before she tried to confirm from mama if the uncle is still visiting,  tomorrow not sure, she tries to pull of but doesn’t work her way, The girl insists, With a smile she reassures the girl that uncle will come as scheduled and had confirmed to dad through a phone earlier. The mother never thought that the young one was more worried of the chicken than the land issue between the brothers.

LunchThe early morning was filled with a cry, as the girl rejected the idea that the chicken should end up on the lunch table, after much struggle she agreed to go to school but only on one condition, the chicken will be safe, they all agreed and she calmed down, what was going on in her head will leave them with a Shock of the century. She takes her breakfast and flings back to the house, only to come back with a leso on her hands. Mum is surprised, these is followed by a confrontation between the duo. The girl finally convinces the mother that the only way they can assure the safety of her chicken is if she took it to school with her. The mother has nothing else to do but to give the chicken to the girl, she smiles and requests in a hurry to be escorted to school.

The school teacher must have been amused if not shocked after a student reported in with a chicken on her back, the class today must will be difficult to handle today, should I send her back home, how will the other children react, what will they bring me tomorrow? some of the many questions that were running in the mind of the teacher.

The rest of the day was filled with joy and fun, as all the children wanted to feed the chicken. The teacher took a perfect chance to explains to the children the importance of farm animals: that’s a story for another day. There are many African experiences the teacher shared that day.

Mine is not much about the chicken but the one that made the biggest impact on me is the  innocent appreciation of the animals around, and the love of innocent human souls to nature, the attachment of the human soul to pets. I am particularly amazed by the reasoning capacity of children when they are talking “matters of heart”.

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